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I would like to start collecting CHD army. But there is a problem - I use greenstuff only to fill gaps. I was wondering how would I make hobgoblins. I don’t like the idea to convert goblins with for example bretonnians m@a body.

I started to search for alternative models. Here’s what I found:





Hobgoblins on wolves:




What do u think? Will they be good for hobs?

Ow - my fillers will be ogres (hats added).


I really like the gamezone minis, especially their DE.

But it seems like it would be way too expensive to build up a CD army on those metals, fillers or no. I think you’re better off practicing with GS or just using plastic gobs or gnobs as they are.

What’s your plan for basic warriors?

BTW, welcome to the forums! :cheers


Hello :wink:

My plan for warriors is to mix bfsp dwarf with chaos warriors box :slight_smile:
And for blunderbusses to buy them from Mail Order.

I think I would be able to make for example beard etc. It looks like if this is quite simple on tutorial by HotStuff. But for example I couldn’t do part of leather jacket (and buttons, like on tutorial by Xander: “Making hobgoblin” or smth like that :wink: ). Regiment made from Goblins from GZ will cost me smth about… 230 z? means 70$. That’s a lot, you’re right. But I’m out of ideas :frowning:

About a making unit using gobs or gnobs. I think that would not look like hobgoblin at all. I would prefer to buy one regiment of hobgoblins than two of gobs/gnobs. And those are metal miniatures btw :slight_smile:

Need advice!! :slight_smile:


Well, those models are basically night goblin rip-offs, well executed, but rip-offs all the same. My thought was to use old style night goblin heads on common goblin bodies, as I too would rather spend my time converting chaos dwarves. Or just use night goblins, old or new, as they look quite non-night gobboish with a non-black robe paint job and a shield swap.


Those are all quite cool, though I think it might be a bit expensive to do them using any guide like that…

First, are you aware that Hobgoblin Wolfboys are still available from Games Workshop? They’ve produced new models for them since they stopped producing CD. They even have a Hobgoblin Superior Lord on a Wolf which could easily be used as a hero.

For the warriors, unless you are really good with greenstuff… you might want to take the simple route of putting goblin heads on headless human models (empire or bret footmen), although they do end up a bit taller than normal. But you could even use some built like this to man the bolt throwers.

Sneaky Gits tend to be crafted out of Empire Flagelants. I am sure there is a guide somewhere here…


I’ve got an idea :slight_smile: It is quite simple to build the chaos dwarf hat. And what about goblins with hats? What u think? I just don’t know yet how to make symbols on those…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the wolfboys (especially the first one), but REALLY dislike the footHGs. My suggestion is to order what you can from GW, get what you can on ebay and then use some of the more basic conversions listed so far.


It’s a problem, 'couse I’m from Poland and that will be expensive (shipment…). And hobs itself are high - priced.

Any other ideas? :wink:

And what about goblins with hats? What u think? I just don’t know yet how to make symbols on those…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I know what you mean, I planned to have 10 HG Wolfboyz in my army and just found out that it would cost me 40 Pounds Sterling to make them from two boxes of “Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz”!! o.O

Probably the cheapest way to go will be buying a box of Goblin Wolfboyz, chop the riders up in the middle and fill in a belly made from green stuff to make them more “hobgobly”. Without having tried it out, I can’t say for sure if it will look any good, though.