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Knight Of Awsome:

Hey all,

For Christmas I receved the new Tamurkhan book and 10 chaos dwarf infernal guard which will start as a basis for my new black fortress army. Unfortunately only two are three are actually paintable due to what appears to be the resin weeping on the rest of the models… Hopefully forgeworld and I can work things out…

Anyways, this is a discussion for the color scheme for the chaos dwarfs of the black fortress. Any suggestions painting guides for achieving brilliant colors are very much welcome, or interpretations of the artwork.

Infernal Guard:

The infernal guard appear to have a brass (or bronze?) plate armor and what looks to be silver like Scale armor. This is how I interpret how the brass effect might be achieved…

Starting with a “tin bitz” base coat, painting dwarf bronze as a mid tone. Using a devlan mud wash and highlighting with chainmail. Dry brushing with a gold color may help details pop, or atleast make things a little brighter. Suggestions?

The scale armor appears to mostly be bright silvery metallic colors… Black wash with chainmail mids and Mithril Silver highs.

Appears to be standard brown or whitish beards, might just do dark beards for simplicity and save the greys for other more important models.

Everything appears to be neatly kept, what are peoples opinions on battle damage or wear? If so, how much?

I’m still very much open to other peoples interpretation of the artwork!

Also found this: CoolMiniOrNot - Chaos Dwarf Regiment ( Bronz at GD UK 2011 ) by Mohand

I might contact him to ask how he did the scale armor, although it might just be a NMM effect.


Wow! That is a really nice, unique scheme. :slight_smile:

Knight Of Awsome:

According to the book, all the metals are burnished and what I perceived to be brass before I just polished bronze. With all this in mind, and a couple painting guides later, I traveled to my local gaming store and bought some paints and a pinning set. I decided to try painting each part separately, and I think it’s worked well.

I’d very like feedback on the overall color of everything, I’m a little worried the whole painting scheme is a little too shinny. Could anyone have advice for making models rank up properly?

Without further ado, pictures!


I think that looks great!


I agree… Very nice indeed!


You clearly put a lot more thought into your paint schemes than I do. I regret that my paint selection is quite one-dimensional. I’ll have to try this out at some point to see how it works. How did you come up with this idea anyway? Did you see it somewhere, does it come naturally to you due to experience or is this just experimentation? And do you know of any other places that have similar tips for achieving great painting techniques for metal armors?

Knight Of Awsome:

The idea of the paint scheme came from the new warhammer forge book. I’ve always wanted to do a themed army from a book… books tend to have enough information to start a really cool ‘personalized’ army. I’ve been out of the hobby for about two years, I had sold everything I had except for my old lead orcs. Sometime in October or November I got a warhammer forge newsletter for chaos dwarfs miniatures being released, that got me excited. After reading the story behind the Infernal Guard, I decided to go with a Black Fortress theme. I think the book provided with with enough information to figure out the color scheme. I just figure out what everything is beforehand, ie. Iron, Bronze, Leather ect. nothing over the top or magical. Painting guides are your friend, I looked up how to paint each and every material I needed. From that I constructed a list of paints I needed.

This whole model was technically the experiment. I had no idea how he was going to look, working in with everything separately allowed me to paint the helmet first before I dived headlong into painting the whole model. It was a small area and took little time to perfect what I wanted the polished bronze to look like.

I’ve done a lot of research for this model, so I’ll go ahead and share just a general method for producing a nice metal.

1. Basecoat: Metals like iron or silver don’t need anymore then a black basecoat, but metals like gold or brass, anything that’s more of a color rather then a tone needs a color basecoat. In the case of bronze I opted in for a “Calthan Brown” basecoat, works well for gold too.

2. Apply the layers: in this case I used privater press metallics “Molten Bronze” and “Solid Gold”. Molten Bronze first and one or two layers on top of Solid Gold to get a nice constant color. These are thin layers to avoid clogging up details.

3. Washes are your friend: For washes I Primarily used “Badab Black” and “Devlan Mud” for the shading. Heavy use of the Devlan mud to really get all the details to pop, and for really dark areas I used Badab Black washes. Use however much needed to really get a good understanding of the details.

4. Going back: Drybrushing is your new technique of choice here. The washes would have darkened all the Gold Color on top, go back and drybrush the gold onto high parts of the model. For the mid to darker areas of the model, go back and drybrush the midtones (in my case Molten Bronze) with the paint of choice.

5. Highlighting: This really depends on your metal of choice, almost always some mix of “Mithril silver”. In my case, it was a 1:1 mix of Mithril silver to Solid Gold

6. Touch it up with a bit of washes, not too heavy this time. These washes are for bringing out the subtle details (bolts and such).

Give it a go, it’s working for me. Maybe it can work for you?



Give it a go, it's working for me. Maybe it can work for you?


Knight Of Awsome
I doubt I'll get nearly as good results, but I will have to try it at some point. My problem is that this is like a cooking recipe--I need to read and follow along, because this is the kind of thing that I'd never be able to think up on my own.

Thanks for all the help!