[Archive] Actual Honest to god FW IG w FG at a good price


So I would have to buy all of them x30 +3 sets of command +a skullcracker $300 usd.

I am running 5th ed GWs and Blunderbus and warmachines, but I am ordering a Pain Train from FW and I am using the Renders because I prefer them to the old BCs. Are 30 fireglaves worth the investment?

Fuggit Khan:

Tough call…I think it comes down to your personal preference:

1) Your fighting style comes into play, do you even like using fireglaives vs blunderbuss? No need to spend wads of $$$ if you sideline a fireglaive unit in favor of other units.

2) Naturally the FW figs are a different look than old school metal figs, so do you mind mixing and matching styles within your army?

3) And what of working in resin?..some people find it no trouble at all, others (such as myself) prefer metal and plastic over resin.

Sorry, I know my answer is not much of an “answer”, but I think only the poor soul coughing up the cash can make the ultimate call…but if you love the fireglaives irregardless, then yeah! go for it :slight_smile:

Oh, and I love your comment of “pain train”…becuse it dishes out pain or because of the pain to purchase it :hat off


I was thinking of putting togother enough dudes so I can do about 4k-6k and can go all FW or all 5th ed or a mix. But really my quest is more about weather they are effective or not as a unit? Is 30 too many to ever field?

Fuggit Khan:

The below thread may answer your question more specifically…most people feel the points cost of fireglaives are just not worth it in larger blocks of troops: