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The Countdown Has Begun . . .

It�?Ts time to mark your calendar and start making travel plans, because on April 1st, 2011, AdeptiCon will return to the Chicagoland area for our NINTH year of miniature wargaming excitement!  Once again, the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center will be hosting AdeptiCon, providing a home for the one weekend that brings together those of us who are passionate about the miniature wargaming hobby.

Last year over 1200 hobbyists took part in the fellowship, excitement, and enthusiasm that has earned AdeptiCon its reputation as the �?ocan�?Tt miss�?� event of the year for the miniature wargamers across the country and the globe.  We brought back our traditional Games Workshop favorites, and expanded our lineup of events to include new core gaming systems, such as Privateer Press�?Ts Warmachine and Hordes, and Battlefront�?Ts Flames of War. You can expect all of our core gaming systems to return, with a lineup of both traditional AdeptiCon signature events as well as new, exciting challenges.

Registration will begin this fall, so stay tuned for more updates!

For Gamers, By Gamers

Four nine years, our motto, �?oFor Gamers, By Gamers�?� has guided what we do and how we do it.  Our dedicated staff of volunteers are the engine that drives AdeptiCon and have made it the premier event in the miniature wargaming hobby.  Volunteers are absolutely critical to the making AdeptiCon a success and supporting and building the hobby in general.  If you can come in a little earlier, or stay a little later, or give us one day over the weekend, you can help us make sure that AdeptiCon lives up to the standard of excellence that we�?Tve built and give a little bit back to the hobby that we all love and enjoy.

If you want to volunteer, or just want to find out more about what volunteering entails, email us at volunteer@adepticon.org with the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, Team(s) You�?Tre Interested in

Here are the ways you can help make AdeptiCon a success:

Event Staff (Registration, Tournaments, Demos, other Events)

Our event staff help run all of our events, from one hour demos with four or five players, to the massive 440 person AdeptiCon 40K National Team Tournament.  They also staff our registration table, take pictures and do everything needed to make sure that events run as smoothly as possible.  If you�?Tre interested in working as part of our event staff, be sure to let us know which day(s) during the weekend that you�?Tre available to work.

Operations (Setup and Breakdown)

Our operations staff come in a little bit earlier and/or stay a little bit later, and do the behind-the-scenes work of setting up and breaking down the terrain for our gaming tables, unpacking the legendary AdeptiCon �?oswag�?�, and much more.  If you�?Tre interested in working as part of our operations staff, let us know if you can come early, leave later, or both!

Terrain Building

Thanks to our Terrain Building team, AdeptiCon�?Ts terrain has become well known for a standard of excellence not usually seen at independent conventions.   This team does the entirety of their work before the convetion, and you must be able to get to our terrain building headquarters (for the past two years, Capitol City Games in Springfield, IL) for terrain building days.


Our communications and marketing team helps spread the word about AdeptiCon.  We�?Tre looking for people who have a strong online presence, especially within their respective gaming communities.  News releases go out every few weeks, and our communications/marketing team are the ones who distribute them.  There�?Ts a lot to do, but we spread it out over a long period of time.   Best of all, like the Terrain Building team, our job is done once the weekend starts!  You can be a part of our communications and marketing team from anywhere!

If you want to volunteer, or just want to find out more about what volunteering entails, email us at volunteer@adepticon.org with the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, Team(s) You�?Tre Interested in

PodHammer Coming to AdeptiCon 2011

PodHammer, one of the premier Warhammer Fantasy podcasts will be making the trip to AdeptiCon in 2011.  To help finance the trip from Down Under, PodHammer will be running a marathon the entire weekend of July 10th!  Check out their special Warhammer 8th Edition marathon page at: http://podhammer.net/marathon/

All of the Podhammer regulars will be there, including Matt Cole, Dave Palmer and a special call in from Kendall live from New York! aswell as call ins from other special guests from around the world! and best of all you can call in and be part of Podhammer history! Prizes, games and other nonsense will going on all weekend!


Corrected the Podhammer Marathon date in the original post.