[Archive] Adepticon Team Tournament - CD and DE? Fluff, Appearance, & tactics questions


A friend of mine and I are considering making it to Adepticon in 2009, it’d be my first. The team tournament is the most interesting for me, though I’ll probably do the regular tournament too.

I’ve asked a very good friend of mine if he’d want to partner up on this one, and he’s probably going to. The reason I requested he might, is because he is primarily a Dark Elf player… and I want to do a Chaos Dwarf and Dark Elf team.

Why do I want to do a Dark Elf - Chaos Dwarf team? Because we’ve both been betrayed by our supposed “good” brethren! The Dwarfs abandoned us to the wastes, and the High Elves rejected Malekith. It seems like it’d be a very appropriate combination.

So what are some cool story ideas that would make it nice and fluffy and make it a very cool theme?

Also from an artistic standpoint: In terms of basing his stuff looks like the Dark Elf homeland… black dirt/rock whatever with patches of snow. Mine looks like the blasted wastes (black with grays and a little bit of brown mixed into one flock mix…). What can we do for a cool display board that makes use of both our styles? In terms of appearance I use a lot of blues, instead of reds.

Finally: Tactically what are some good ideas? We’re both limited to (If I remember correctly) ~1,000 points… maybe a little more. One person can take a lord. I’m thinking the Earth shaker is a must as it allows me to reduce my opponents moving/shooting… allowing Dark Elf mobility to be more effective.

Thommy H:

Dark Elf slavers land on the southern coast of the Plain of Bone and raid inland. They find a Chaos Dwarf warband and the two end up fighting to a standstill. With both forces shattered, the two leaders meet to discuss terms - the Chaos Dwarf Warlord offers them slaves, which is their usual bargaining technique.

"Hey…that’s the whole reason we’re here!"

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Two slaving fleets, one from Naggaroth, the other from the Dark Lands get tag teamed by an Elven or Human Fleet. They drive off the enemy but are so depleted that they can’t really continue slaving …unless they join forces?

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well i thought DE fought to steal slaves negotation are made and a team is born :idea

as for tactics remenber DE fast and shooty,CD slow and shooty do you see where i’m coming from:)