[Archive] Adepticon, who is going? (North America)


Who is going to Adepticon?

I might be able to make it this year, and I’ll be taking the Indy GT book if I do.

Da Crusha:

ooh illinois, a little too far for me, im from california;P. its too bad I still haven’t been allowed to bring the indy gt list to any of the tourneys around here.


Well it helps when I live in southern Wisconsin. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m only about 2 hours away, I could skip the hotel… but I might still get it for a night so I don’t have to get up ungodly early.

Kera foehunter:

Need more imfo there swiss


I might be going with a friend. We’re still deciding if we want to go to do the team warhammer battle.


It’s in the Chicago land area.



Not to derail the thread but for Da Crusha - I believe the So Cal Slaughter and the Broadside Bash both allow Chaos Dwarves.


So any CDO regulars end up going to Adepticon? If so, I’d be interesting to hear what you folks thought of it. I had to work this weekend so I missed the chance but I’m interested in hearing news…


I had to cancel, as my girlfriend wanted me to spend time with her and her family. :frowning:

Though my buddy Skittles is going, albeit for 40k.