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The funnel assembly was a little tricky to put together but I ended up cutting enough of a hole to insert the funnel into the boiler a bit. Other than that it went together seamlessly.


I had a bit of trouble with the funnel myself, I might have to work out a better way of doing it. Glad you could put it together so well, I got so swamped with other stuff that I never tried to complete the final version.


Time flies…

Here are whole armies of Goblins and Dwarfs:

Cardstock Warriors by Michael Upchurch — Kickstarter


Visio. It's both very useful and awkward at the same time. It's good at doing line drawings (a bit iffy on curves) but useless for textures and drawing.

Visio? *shudder*


It’s been a while.

I was looking for some simple cardstock vehicles for Warhammer 40k and didn’t find any, except for those done by a (Russian?) guy who goes by the name of Patoroch but they were far more complicated than I wanted. A bit of fun with Paintbrush and I simplified them right down into a straight forward box design. Here are my initial Rhino, Land Raider, and Leman Russ. I’ve improved the design since these were done but I haven’t constructed those yet. They are BW line designs coloured with pencils to save printer ink.

Some elements of the Patoroch designs frustrated me. As I analysed them more, I realised that they weren’t even faithful to the original designs in many ways anyway. And even though the guy has a somewhat lax attitude towards copyright, I didn’t feel comfortable releasing my versions of his designs (so I haven’t and won’t).

The next vehicle in line was the Chimera. The Patoroch designs were just completely unsuitable for being converted into a box, so this is where I decided that from now on I would make everything from scratch myself and release the models for everyone to use.

It’s only when working on these models that I realised how poorly they would work in the real world, easily getting stuck on rocks due to the terrible clearance of the main body and side armour. I decided to keep going with the curves on the tank body to make it more interesting than plain angles, but the extra construction time and difficulty in construction is making me regret that decision. I should really have just stuck with the angles for simplicity, a simple design was a huge aim in the project and I feel like I discarded it without realising. The turret is equally difficult to construct, but I can’t really see any way around that. I did design a very simple flat turret (just the turret shape cut of of paper, no folds) so anyone who uses the file can stick with simple if they want.

The biggest advantage of doing this from scratch is that I could make the files completely black and white PNG files, no greys. This means that anyone armed with MSPaint or similar can use the MS Paint fill tool to colour the files before printing, so they aren’t stuck with the colours (or lack of) that I picked. The Patoroch files are unsuitable for this due to all the grey shading on the lines.

I got the scale a little wrong on my first printing, so it is a little small in the one copy I have made so far. If I make another it will be about 10% bigger.

I’ve looked into doing some add-ons for all the tanks that are based on the Chimera frame, but most are just too difficult to reproduce simply. For reference, they are: Basilisk, Hellhound/Devil Dog/Bane Wolf, Hydra, Wyvern, Manticore, Deathstrike. I say that, but I may get bored one day and spend time doing one or more of these. I don’t have an Astra Militarum army (GW has seriously screwed up the names of the armies in the hunt for copyrights) so it’s not like I have any motivation.


The newest vehicle on the block and the only one that the snobby Primaris Marines will consent to get inside, is the Repulsor. This was the number one thing requested by my son, who has almost entirely Primaris models and doesn’t want them to have to walk into battle. Being so new, there were zero papercraft designs to even reference, so I stepped up to the challenge.

The basic structure is pretty simple once you ignore all the bits sticking out. I have plans to make a plainer version where you can add all of the sticking-out bits on separately so that they actually stick out, but don’t wait on me. The dude on the top had to go - a flat guy would just look weird, but I kept his weapon. The proportions are all based on the few pictures of the model I have seen online. Having never seen one in person some of the bits are a bit wrong by accident, but I also chose to make some things different on purpose. There are way too many weapons on this vehicle - GW has added a laundry list of stuff to shoot, it would take an hour to shoot them all and they all sit on the top. If they ever add sponson weapons to it then it will be insane.

The tabs on the design are too big - if you use my design then you should dry fit everything and trim them accordingly or they will end up overlapping. I don’t know if it is quite the right scale yet.

Files for all my own designs are in imgur.com/a/nNLi2


LOL those are great! :cheers


Great fun. It will maybe even teach me how to colour in between the lines.