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This is where I will document the cardstock models that I am designing. First one is a War Train, which by some bizarre coincidence is roughly the same size and appearance as the Forgeworld Iron Daemon. Also has optional blades and hammers which I want to make a bit less 2D than they currently are.  Here are the basic plans so far. Still need to design the coal bunker and stuff to make the back of the boiler look less ordinary. Plus lots of stuff to be tweaked.

I plan to do cardstock cannons, rocket launchers, and various similar models in the future. A big bull is also in the works, but I am trying not to make it too complicated. Everything will be free, although I might eventually make super-duper versions to justify charging anything at all. Might be a slow process, since I still have actual plastic models to paint-up.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



I like this, What program did you use to make your plan?


Visio. It’s both very useful and awkward at the same time. It’s good at doing line drawings (a bit iffy on curves) but useless for textures and drawing. I think I might export the final design as an image and then use an image editor on it (or even by hand). It’s close to being at a stage when I can print it out and have a go at seeing if it all lines up well. Plus I want to know if it is proportioned okay - it might just look odd in real life.

The skullcracker stuff is not ready at all. I don’t think that cardstock has the tolerances needed for making the giant axes and such in 3D so they will probably end up as 2D. Trying to work out a reasonable mechanism to attach them rather than having them just hanging off the shell.


Cool stuff, can’t wait to see more.


I’ve seen some amazing card automatons using cams like this da vinchi’s hammer which might adapt very well to a working skullcracker.


Here’s the first actually usable file. I haven’t physically tested out any of it yet, so I’m hoping that I multiplied by pi correctly to get the curved areas to line up correctly. I will try it out myself soon, but anyone else is welcome to have a go and tell me how well it works - some of it isn’t straight forward to work out where it goes.

I realised just before I posted this that I have neglected to add a coal bunker!

Edit: removed defunct file, much better one furtheer on in the thread


Wow! Impressive!

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Liking the look of that! I’ll grab another ink cartridge today and put that together.


Pretty cool! Can’t wait for a death rocket :slight_smile:


I think I might do a flame thrower next, but the rocket will be straight after that.

More updates very soon.


What thickness card do you recommend?



P.S. when are you going to do the Skullcracker bits?


Not sure what thickness I am using, I’ll have to look it up. It is all purely theoretical at this time though, if mine doesn’t work then I’d recommend something thicker!

Here is a nicer version of the design, with coal bunker and better wheels. I will start working properly on the skullcracker bits now.


Looking good cornixt!


Awesome Job. I’ll pick up some card stock today and let you know how I get on :slight_smile:


The card I’ve used before is classified as 150 lb. Not sure what that means! It’s maybe a little thinner than I would have liked but it seems to work fine.

I’ve done a quick go using the last file I put up:

Some small adjustments to make to improve how it fits together, but overall it has turned out fine. Definitely need to darken some of the colours used, some of the greys are far too light.


Thanks for all the feedback so far! It’s working so much better than I thought it would.

Okay, here are the issues with the current design (all of them are pretty minor):

*The chimney/funnel is a little too large - I’ll shrink it down a bit, maybe combine some parts to make the design simpler.

*The dots on the base to mark the boiler location are bigger than the boiler - will correct for next version.

*There is no obvious mechanical connection to turn the wheels - The wonders of mystery fantasy science.

*The following things are too light - cannonades (including tips), top of base

*I’m not happy with the way the cab goes together. Might shuffle it around a bit. I don’t want it to be too complicated.

*Some minor artifacts caused by the pdf format not liking transparencies and such. I might be able to hide these through technical trickery.

*No instructions - They will come later. Hopefully it is much clearer on how to build now you have seen a mostly constructed version. I used a fairly blunt scalpel and a glue stick for most of it.

*A page of alternative parts will appear sometime.

If anyone has built one and also has an Iron Daemon, then a side-by-side comparison photo would be great! The big hammers and spinning scythes are proving somewhat harder to work out how to connect onto the current chassis. I can see why Forgeworld have two completely different models for the regular Iron Daemon and the Skullcracker.

Any suggested improvements, comments, etc, are welcome.


Added some big spinning scythes that can be used in place of the cannonades. Not my preferred choice, but a temporary one until I can work out how to do big chopping axes without it looking weird. Fixed most issues mentioned above, plus I’ve improved the wheels a bit. Not had much time this week. A small pdf issue has caused some of the blades to be a completely different shade of grey!


First draft of the Lava Cannon. I feel like it is missing something. I’ve not tried building it yet, but my experience from the War Train has helped in sizing the parts a bit better for a first attempt. Not sure if I will refine the design a bit more or move onto the rocket launcher.


Finally got round to building one for myself after ages without a printer. The ink went odd on the second sheet so some of the parts look a little faded. Thanks for the kit Cornixt!

Thinking about the “War Train” made me think of this :slight_smile:


Looks good! Thanks for posting pics. Have you found any issues with it? Mine is a lot more red than I thought it would be, but I was trying to keep away from too much grey (although people can always print it in greyscale).