[Archive] Advice needed against TK


Only 500 points… But needless to say, what should I take?

+ Heroes + (100pts)

* Daemonsmith Sorcerer (100pts)

Charmed Shield, Lore of Death or Fire, Wizard Level 1

+ Core + (300pts)

* 14 x Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (188pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer

* 20 x Hobgoblin Cutthroats (112pts)

Musician, Standard Bearer, Bows

+ Special + (100pts)

* Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (100pts)


Well for 500 points there’s not many options as you have to have three units and a general.

The list you have is probably the best you’ll get!

You could lose the musician on the Infernal Guard and then swap the Hobgoblins for three naked bull centaurs.

What you have should be alright though to be honest.


I’m not a big wizard fan at low pts. I believe that you can drop the lvl 1 and just focus on CC. A castellan in a small unit of infernal guard is really nasty at such a low point lvl.

I would take something like this:

1 castellan, sword of striking, enchanted shield

10 IG with fireglaves or 13 IG and a deathmask without the fireglaves

3 bull centaurs with additional hand weapons

5 hobgoblins on wolfs. You do need 3 units and these are not bad at low pts. Just keep them close to the BC’s.

TK don’t have anything at these points which can put a dent in your BC’s or in your IG with castellan. The only thing you need to look out for is that he doesn’t flank you because he will have more units then you.


I agree with Maded12 on all of that. His list looks good. I would use hand weapon and shield Infernals rather than fireglaives.