[Archive] Advice on converting BFSP thunderers?

Glimpse the Void:


I am in the midst of making my first Anihilators from BFSP set, and I really like the way the look, but am finding it really tiring clearing the beards out from behind the rifle arms and then sculpting the beards around.

Anybody got anytips other than not buying BFSP dwarves? (its to late, I’m already sitting on about 90)


I tried doing a thin layer gs over the original detail to get the effect, it didn’t work.

Have you thought about ‘going mantic’? much less beard to chop off.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I left the original beards on mine. But at the time, I wasn’t into spending $500 on Green Stuff.

In my army, only the chosen few curl their beards! :smiley:

Glimpse the Void:

So, I think I’m just going to curl the front row of this unit. The next will probably not get beards or scale armor, as I am out of putty.

Tragic news folks. I misplaced the last of my stash and I can’t even finish the funnels on my blunderbuss with out buying more, which I can’t currently afford…

Sorry to be lame and not have pictures, I have to get the mrs. to pull them off her computer for me.

The Snowman:

I went straight over the top with mine… I only used one 3 foot roll of Green Stuff (I bought Kneadatite, I think it was $24) for the entire army so I didn’t think it was that bad or pricey, seeing as though I saved a bit by buying BfSP minis. The amount of time and effort that went into it was pretty big and I wanted to do it right.


Greenstuff curly beards or make balaclava’s (see Snotling’s excellent work for that one) might work: you could also keep the beards normal. However, with a sharp knife you can easily trim the beard: just use a small amount of GS to make the beard or give them masks instead.