[Archive] Against the new Warriors of Chaos


Ahoy all.

Now that the new book has been out for a week, I’m very curious on everyone’s thoughts on how Chaos Dwarfs will fare vs. the Warriors of Chaos.

Their book and roles have been re-vamped and will be a challenge.

Fast monsters.

Fast, killing, survivable Demon Princes.

Lore that can whittle our units down.

Chariots that can put a serious dent in our IG. (core)

Magic attacks to take out the K’daai

core / special that can make us hit on 5+

fast moving cheap vanguard

So, let’s discuss. How will YOU handle the newest threat from the North?

Da Crusha:

I wish I could say, haven’t even glanced at the book yet.


I think WoC will be a very hard match up.

Tzeentch character on a disc with 3+ ward and re-roll 1s - this guy is unbelievable. I used an Exalted Champion on disc with this set-up a few days ago and he is a serious problem for anything that isn’t a ranked unit. I don’t see an answer for this dude at the moment, beyond hoping the WoC player is careless and lets you cause a panic test on him. if people start using this combo on a Lord with the Crown of Command and Dragonhelm, I’m not sure we can deal with that. This guy will also do a number on the Destroyer easily. Lore of Death for Doom and Darkness maybe?

We need Lore of Metal to kill Skullcrushers. Not much else in our list stands a chance of killing these guys and we don’t have the chaff to redirect them. Also, the ID’s gun is the best anti-Skullcrusher gun in the game; both of these are pretty important imo.

Mark of Nurgle is now a flat -1 to Hit. This is huge. All of our units are hitting Nurgle Warriors/Knights on 5s and most of our units already have mediocre damage output. The Nurgle deck is also awesome. I would expect a lot of Nurgle builds. Spells like Enchanted Blades of Aiban are good here, so Lore of Metal again.

WoC have lost the Will of Chaos rule so no longer re-roll panic; this can be a big factor when considering Magma Cannons and Hellcannons, both of which cause panic tests.

But overall, it’s a bad match up for LoA.


if you can’t beat them, join them…


Magma Cannons cause panic? Since when?


Magma Cannons cause panic? Since when?

Two cannons= two templates= enough dead enemys = panictest ;)

The Besieger:

The Other Trickster’s Shard will Cancel the re-roll 1s on Ward S?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Unfortunately no, it will not.

At 20 points per model I can field a Chaos Warrior with an Additional Hand Weapon and the Mark of Khorne throwing out 4 WS4 ST4 attacks. I don’t think Chaos Dwarves can engage them in close combat and expect to come out on top.


Played them last night, the skullcrushers were manageable. He had 2 units of 4. So many magic attacks still ended costing me the game but I did lose my lvl 4 to a miscast to of turn 1, and 2 machines exploded turn 2. Honesty their high As stat is a problem for our killy stuff. Hitting on 4s sucks…when combined with super armor.

EDIT: I meant to say high Ws. Damn kindle…

The Besieger:

Ok :slight_smile:

The Other Trickster’s Shard will help VS Third eye of Tzeentch.

After the re-roll 1s will come Re-Rolls for all successful ward saves.

And here the 1s will also fail thier ward saves.

SO :slight_smile:

First : 2 will fails the ward saves

Second : 1 & 2 will fails the ward saves

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Ok :)

The Other Trickster's Shard  will help VS Third eye of Tzeentch.
After the re-roll 1s will come Re-Rolls for all successful ward saves.
And here the 1s will also fail thier ward saves.
SO :)
First : 2 will fails the ward saves
Second : 1 & 2 will fails the ward saves

I believe that to be false. You are never allowed to reroll a reroll. Ever.


You would re-roll the successful saves and the 1s. Only once each. Isn’t that what he said?

The Besieger:

WoC player need make 3 ward saves.

He rolls a 1 /  2 / 4

Re-roll the 1 and roll a 3

So the WoC player succeed 2 ward saves

Because the other trickster’s shard he need re-roll all successful ward saves.

He rolls this time a 1 / 5.

So he succeed only 1 ward save.

I’m wrong? :slight_smile:


I'm wrong? :)

Unfortunately yes :o
Grimbold Blackhammer was right: You cannot re-roll a re-roll. (pg7 in the small rulebook, right column, 2nd paragraph)

So in your example:
3 wounds inflicted, 3+ Ward Save, re-rolls 1s
He rolls a 1 / 2 / 4
Re-rolls the 1 and rolls a 3 (that cannot be re-rolled)
Because of the other trickster's shard he re-rolls the 4 and rolls a 1 (that cannot be re-rolled either)
So he succeeds only 1 ward save.


The Besieger:

ok :slight_smile:

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Hashut’s Blessing:

Easier way to look at the example given is - rolls 1, 2 and 4. He re-rolls the one due to Tzeentch and the 4 due to Other Trickster’s Shard. No more re-rolls.

The reason people are tripping on it is because they’re separating the timing of the re-rolls, I think, lol. Do it all at once and then you can’t re-roll you re-rolls accidentally :smiley:


Just pick up all the successes (3,4,5,6) and all the 1’s and re-roll them. 2’s don’t get re-rolled.

The Sorcerer isn’t very tough. Pin him down with a unit and make him run away. He’s hard to kill, but not hard to break. If you can cast Flames of Azgorh on him, he’s testing on T2 to not die. That’ll get him.

We have artillery to take out the big monsters. The big monsters are what every WoC player is going to be taking now. Chimeras will be very common. They are only survivable because they have Regeneration. We have so many solutions to that. They have Hellcannons. We have re-rolling Hellcannons. They should fear our rockets. Daemon Princes can hide from cannons behind trolls. They can’t hide from re-rolling Deathshriekers.

Nurgle Warriors will be tough, but we have access to Breath of Hatred. A great counter to hitting on 5’s.

A combined arms Chaos Dwarf list will smack any WoC list. Whether it be the monster mash or infantry heavy, we have the tools for the job.

The Destroyer is good as ever. Ashstorm will win just as many games against WoC as any other army.


Well, you are all vets here and probably have a good reason not to have mentioned this but:

Wouldn’t Lore of Metal be very good vs WoC as well?

With an average armor save of 4+ (only the Demon Prince, dogs and marauders have a lower one or none at all) the Lore of Metal spells can hurt them badly. The augment spells will help us a lot too: +1 to hit can help with the MoN issue and the same spell also gives AP which will be very useful vs the warriors; +2 AS is huge on the Infernal guard as they can reach a 1+ save (2+ vs the s4 attacks of the warriors, or realistically 3+ vs S5 (halberds)).

The hexes are also nifty.

Having said that, WoC also have access to the same lore…

Oh and I am yet to play my first game with my new LoA army and test the lore of metal so this whole thing might just look good on paper but be useless on the table top. :wink:


Lore of metal is indeed an excellent lore to use against high AS-armies. But it’s always a hard choice to make when you’ve got the great spells of lore of Hashut as well, considering that a lot of attacks (both shooting and CC) work well in tandem with some spells from our own lore.


well arround here the first woc lists are crystalizing… Chimeras, Chimeras, Chimeras, Skullcrushers, Horsemen and so on… I would describe it as “back to the last edition” cavalry/monster only list.

And that is hard for us to kill… because they are very fast.