[Archive] Agalstrax´ oriental oriented army


Hello beardy little men and women out there,

it´s me Agalstrax sultan of the Golden Clan:

Me and my bully fellow like to present you my growing clan.

But first I like to thank everyone of you who inspired my work.

Your fan-art, your armys and your love to the beardy Dawi Zarr formed my miniatures as well as I did it with my grenstuff.

I´ll show you the pictures of my great and until now unbeaten (and unfielded ;)) Dawi Zarr in the order down the Lords, in their apperance in the tamurkhan (I´ll print Tommys rules shortly because I lost the plot in the fw faq´s AND primery because this is “our” book and a great work I´d like to honour)

So me again, the only one who isn´t wearing a curled beard (got this mini endowed by my bestfriends and don´t dare to ruin it) but not the only one who isn´t quite ready:


Now to my vizer:

If I´m not in command, he will.

I loved this model from the start … just sone stuff and no cape (to have a better look a the great hammer on his back)


My master of deamons will watch over my artillery, crew and bound deamons:


Great stuff so far, keep em coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



So whats a castellan good for??

Ah jeah wearing a pole … with a banner. Not now, but in time :slight_smile:


I am Stepper, I am … :stuck_out_tongue:


Now here are my first imps.

I don´t use hobgoblins, why should I?? They´re green, my army ist golden-red. To solve this misery I summend Imps. These 2 are some of the bigger one´s:


Now wer are at the core of my troops, the heart of my clan, greedy little warriors with evil looking blunt-weapons an axes:

And an exposed command (jeah, sin of my warriors is greed, my sin is pride :D):

Oh, did I said FIRE!!:

Well I´m actuelly recruiting more … but there is a problem with the time…


And some Imps:

the little guy is my herder (unit-filler as the dead dwarf in the i.g.) still seeking for a funny thing as a third pet …

May be I´ll take an imp who´s cloaks end hangs in the jaws of the evil looking deamon-thing


I don´t use centaurs but some of my warriors are riding lizards.

May be they´re as effective as the bc´s … well I hope so:

Close up on the piper:


… and yes, when I´m done with them, they will have curly beards too!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mx magma cannon is still under construction. but I put the parts, without glue, allready together … looks like more models then :wink:


For the fireworks at the end of my battles:


The sad truth is, that I´m nearly at the end of my “close-to-ready-models”.

Here are some more of the smarter imps (the ones who got a riding licence)


A burner at last:

My K´daii Destroyer/Deamon engine:


At the very end, there are just one or two little projects to show you:

-my arrogance for the superior beeing of the Dawi Zarr (everchosen … pah)

-my wife waiting for her hat (playing with fire)

-where deamon kisses brass

-the absolute madness of my deamonsmiths


Finally! It is nice and full of ideas, keep them coming!


Thats a funky looking destroyer, what model is that.


It was a bust from Hellboy 2 - the golden army :wink: … with sentinel legs


I knew I recognized the K’daii from somewhere!