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Ahoy all.

I’m about to start painting the first of the LoA forces (huzzah Titan overlords!!) and want to approach it with a new direction.

I’m looking at airbrushes to make the painting more enjoyable and actually get the army done sometime in my lifetime.

I’ve been given the advice of going for ‘gravity fed’ airbrushes and dual action (for width etc).

Now, honestly, I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the diff. reviews and brands.

Any first hand experience and favorites (or ones to avoid), would rock.



I’m using a Harder & Steenbeck ultra, Its easy to use and clean and not to expensive. The important thing is the compressor, I use one with a 24l tank, its extremely loud when it fills up though so that might be a problem, I know there are studio compressors that aren’t that loud but they are very expensive. Two important things to have on your compressor is a psi reglator and a moisture trap.

To protect your lungs you need to wear a resperator when airbrushing. Some other stuff to pick up are an airbrush cleaning set and latex gloves. And remember to thin your paints to a milky consistency.

There’s a lot to think about when first getting in to airbrushing but in the end I think its worth it.


thanks for the advice.

I got a compressor with a 2 gallon tank from my hardware store. It was notably cheaper than the hobby ones and still has all the bells and whistles.

My hobby area is well ventilated, but I’ll still use a respirator and make sure the dog is in the other room. I actually didn’t think about that before, so thanks.

I went with the Badger Pro Series. Seems pretty solid, not top of the lines like Iwata Revolution or eclipse, but about the level of the Revolution. The badger has a replaceable needles/nozzles and you can switch between both gravity feed and jars.

All in all, managed to get everything for under 200 bucks. Not shabby.

That and my forgeworld and Titan miniatures will get here about the same time!



Cool stuff!

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