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What would Chaos Dwarfs eat and Drink …

Im guessing beer would be out … So perhaps a Vodka of sorts distilled from the dark plants in the CD lands ?

Foodwise …

Mushrooms … perhaps some wild boar … ??

Any ideas

((Obviously im talking local stuff as CD’s would trade alot … so what your basic CD would harvest or cultivate, and or there local food and drink stuffs))


Dark Rum, i think Captain Morgans.

Gar Shadowfame:

raw meat, alchemically enhanced spirits


I would think stone bread like there western kin, by any sort of wild creatures that they could kill, or trade for meets and food with other races


…or they could eat hobgoblin?


well, obviously they’d drink Bugmans XXXXXX only.

There are three very good and two lesser reasons for this:

  1. They steal it from their much hatred bretheren and in doing so they do taunt the dwarfs

  2. When they do drin it the Dwarfs cant… what of course taunts the Dwarfs even more

furthermore there are the two less good reasons:

  1. drinking it stops them from beeing thirsty


I think CDs are real gourmets!

Why should they eat & drink foods of poor quality?

CDs are rulers of a vast empire so why shouldn´t they enjoy it?

So IMO they drink a great variaty of different beers and hard liquors, the food will consist of native and imported as well vegetarian as meat products!



At least everything would be slow roasted right? :wink:

black hammer:

I think chaos dwarfs food will be delicious and well prepared. (nasty raw meat and stuff is for slave). and it will mostly be meat because you can’t grow food in the dark lands.

Gar Shadowfame:

nasty raw meat has taste of blood to it, eating meat makes you strong, and is a sign of power


I would imagine lots of rather rat like animals with occasional wolf roasted alive on a fire. Alcohol would consist of a few varieties, no doubt blood wine for rituals, some form of vodka for every day and a proper fungi beer for visitors. (ON the last one, it is harder to taste arsenic in it :slight_smile: )

Hashut’s Blessing:

This topic has already been discussed. Do a quick search and see if that inspires you, if you agree or disagree and whatnot :wink:

Kera foehunter:

...or they could eat hobgoblin?

there no meat on them !!!