[Archive] Alex's home brewed 3rd ed. Chaos Dwarfs


After fighting off extortionist pricing like nurglings, i conjured up a solution in my cauldron of ideas (good cliche eh?) this technique requires a little skill, but heres my conversion thread on turning old 3rd edition chaos warriors into chaos dwarfs.

    Ok, so start off with a 3rd edition Chaos warrior.

A word to the wise, this will only work with certain chaos warriors, others will end up obliterated, I will supply a list of the warriors that will work at the bottom of this thread.

    With most warriors you can just use the standard feet, like with this little guy.

If you do use the feet that the warrior came with, cut them off first!!! because its not fun trying to hold a leg thats less than a centimeter long while cutting off the foot thats even smaller with a saw. But, in this case, i used the legs from a 5th ed hunchback goon.

Now, very carefully using a razorblade, or a small hobby saw, hack the feet off at the joint. Be careful not to cut off to much, you can always shave them down to fit later.

    So, now you should have a set of feet and a chaos warrior. Ok now here’s where it gets a little tricky.(and the cliches just keep comin) Start off with a warrior that has a skirt, so you can just cut the legs off flush. Also, cut the knees from the back, its alot easier this way. Another trick is to make a guideline cut with a razor before you saw.

Don’t go hackin away just yet! examine the warrior, hold the feet up to where you would want them, try to plan it out before you make the cut, because let’s face it, models aren’t cheap.

Now that you have the Lower legs removed. position the feet where you want them, and make sure he stands straight. If it doesn’t line up, shave the feet and the legs down to a flat surface, but careful not to shave to much.

You’re almost there! Next step is to glue the feet in place, possibly pin them on if necessary. And, now you have yourself a 3rd edition style Chaos Dwarf!

Be sure to rub it in your friends face.

Alright guys, idk if you’ve ever heard of solegends.com, but here’s the link


Scroll down and there should be 4 links of pages for chaos warriors, each one is numbered. So, here’s the list of the warriors i have used so far, I’m gonna need you’re help with this if there’s any that work for you that i don’t have on this list please post it in this thread;

Page 1:









Page 2:


None that i know of on page 3

page 4:







It looks good, except that he got arms like a gorilla. Any idea how to shorten the arms? But the conversion looks better than I thought it would!


Honestly, at first it looks like a monkey, but when i did shorten the arms once it messes it up. u can’t tell once its all painted and in the unit, they end up looking really burly, check this out


Wow, clever.

It seems not a really easy conversion but really nice final result.

I’d like to see more “before” and “after” comparison shots.

Kera foehunter:

nice simple idea Alex ! thanks for the w.i.p.


still looking for that list of warriors that work… /wink


Good idea Alex the guy in red looks really great


y’know, that looks a lot better than I expected. Pity you are carving up classic metal warriors though!


That does look nice actually. This might give be an idea or few of how to make mine a bit better then what I’ve been doing.


Looking great - the Scythe-guy looks so cool :hat off

I need a few command figures for my 3rd ed army (musicians and Standard Bearers) - so I’ll follow this with great interest. So yes, more before/after pic, please - so I can steal your ideas :smiley:


still looking for that list of warriors that work...  /wink

Oh yeah! thanks man, i made the edit


Really clever! :hat off

The red ones is painted great and looks cool with his short legs :wink:

Can you make pics with your new ones and some “original” old CDs! I would like to compaire the size before I will buy Chaos warrios and cut their legs off …


Border Reiver:

Really good use of materials there. The arms look a little off, but no more so than the thunderers I made using 6th ed plastics and Empire militia handguns.