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ok all. as i have said in my idiocy thread, i will be starting a side project for cd. i have started to shape up my lord (minus greenstuff - any tips on how to handle it would be appreciated) and i have made a banner for my first CD unit. no pics yet but a few questions

1. what do most of you do whith the extra maruader parts you are suck with after converting?

2. how much does it usually cost (rough estimate, please minus 30% and list items bought - i have a friend who sells warhammer through his website and gives 25% off to regular members and 30% to staff, guess what i am)

Ami Fluff:

  1. Mauarder Torso + Dwarf Bits + Green stuff + Horsey = Centaur!

    Lots of the hats have spikes that be pulled off for ornimentation, If your feeling vicious you can decotrate a banner pole or two, with an impaled marauder. There possilbities are endless! :slight_smile:

    2) 30 bucks for a unit of marauders, 8 bucks for greenstuff I think?


  • 35 for dwarfs?

Knight Of Awsome:

I shall make your wishes:

  1. Buy a box full of little squares and place them into on of them sorted out and you can use them for latter conversions!