[Archive] All for Hashut


All for Hashut

See the dumb Greenskin trampled hard,

hear the mutilated Elven bard,

smell pulverized Undead Grave Guard,

crush lowly Lizardman’s skull shard,

eat barbaric Ogre’s cut-off lard.

All for Hashut!

See the gross Daemon in our law

hear our false cousin moan with awe,

smell the foul Skaven gutted raw,

crush the vile Human’s feeble jaw,

eat ugly Ungor with tusked maw.

All for Hashut!

See the whole world become our clay,

hear lord Hashut his rivals slay,

smell the fires burn night and day,

crush the weak’s skull to pave our way,

eat the slave’s flesh that you did flay.

All for Hashut!

- Chaos Dwarf marching song


Wow, awesome!!

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Ogre lard doesn’t sound all that tasty if you ask me :x


"See the whole world become our clay"

This is very apt.


Thanks, folks! I’m sure Ogre lard tastes fine when served with mashed potatos.

Here’s MadHatter’s excellent audio of All for Hashut.