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the idea came to me when i said to my friend XXXXXX(Prefer not to be named), while trying to convince him to play warhammer “Hey, if you could have an army of all naked girls would you play warhammer?”

(i was joking at the time though)

AND THEN IT HIT ME(or rather he hit me), that would be a perfect army of Slaanesh (being to god of pleasure and all)

I thought i would convert SOME of the daemonetes into marauders (only ones with human hands holding knives)

the rest will be daemonetes still

(buyin a few boxes so i have 16 marauders)

and use the NEW daemonetes as themselves when they come out (if they haven’t already)

I already converted a woodelf noble into the Army standard with a  helm and a banner (that’s it)

and I’m gonna use a darkelf i have as a sorceress on a deamonic mount

I just need to find an armored female model and use a bunch of that as warriors and knights of Slaanesh


if price isnt an option hasslefree’s kalee and valaska syn make perfect female chaos warriors.


well this is a year long project, cuz i’m broke right now, so I’ll probably look into that

thanks thorn


The cult of Slaanesh was a very all girl army. I know some people who used mostly females:



I agree with Xander, the CoS army is VERY girly, but is also not a “legal” list. It is full of hard hitting but soft infantry, kinda like bubbles with bazookas. the Blood bowl line in specialist games may have some more female models such as Medusa, a Female ogre cheerleader and more. there is also a Female ogre SE piece. I think it can still be ordered however.


I know, but I prefer the Hordes of Chaos rules over the Cult of Slaanesh

My dad runs 1500 points of Hordes of Chaos -Slaanesh, and i’m always impressed with the structure of them.

Also, I already run an elf race, so I don’t want to run Darkelves, even if it’s in a chaos army

still will use elf models for it though


asheira, I like the idea of the all girl army… but can’t they wear bathrobes or something :wink:

I think it would be funny if when you post pictures you put little “censor bars” over certain areas. lol

sounds fun, and looooooooooong. quite the project! good luck.



The first step in my progect is to GET A JOB!

This will be really hard and almost like torture…

Oh the pain of work…


I’ll post updates when I can get some done, though it won’t be for a while.

(have to have money to buy the models)

Hashut’s Blessing:

A possibility is to buy dark elves and use them as chaos warrios, but obviously de-elf and chaos-ify them a bit. or a lot. That could solve some problem. Then, since there are a fair few male bodies, sculpt breasts into the breastplates or have them bowing behind the women/in fron of the women or something :smiley: Could be amusing…


that’s a great idea, i’ll try it


definatly have to bulk them up a bit to make them beleivable chaos warriors though. id use daemonettes as the basis, add armor, and various weapons for your options.


love the ideas everyon i’ll think about them when i get the money to start buying


that’s a good idea i’ll already be using to many daemonettes, don’t wand the army to be ALL daemonette based

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thing is, unless they’re stereotypical Norse women, not all women are beefy warriors. Their strength and stats could represent a knowledge of how to use their weapons and armour most effectively :smiley: Glad ya like the idea asheira. That way, if you have the option of making more women or showing their “superiority” (Hopes the lasses don;t read that bit he he he).

Kera: Most women like my thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had a similar idea a while back, but couldn’t afford all the metal models (ah to be a staffer). Here’s what I was planning


Chaos Lord: Leilith Helsprax (sp?)

Exalted Champion: Delcha

2x Sorceresses: Dark elf sorceress and the Dark Eldar Lord

Daemon Prince: C’tan Deciever conversion as in Chaos collector’s guide


Marrauders: Witch elves

Chaos Warriors: Dark Eldar Wyches (they are larger and have more armour)

Marrauder Horsemen: Witch elves on mounts of Slaanesh

Chaos Knights: Wyches on cold ones with dark elf lances

Chariots: Dark elf chariot with Wyche crew and pulled by mounts of Slaanesh



Mounted Daemonettes

Tarrakk Blackhand:

POST PICS!:wink:

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