[Archive] All Hail the Ancestor Thread!


Ever wonder where it all started, in terms of converting Chaos Dwarfs from the [[BFSP]] set that is? Heres the thread that started it all with the grand poohba of the conversion movement; Exquisite Evil; Here you go:


Kera foehunter:

Wow even at bugsman we are posting Ha ha

we rules the sites


well almost as soon as BfSP was announced it was identified on HoH as a good base for CDs…

that would have been March or so of '06… 'round the same time as the grudgebearer…

EE was a pioneer… but he didn’t come up with the idea…

and no one popularized it like xander did…


Then post the link here.


That predates the HoH thread by a day:


Whilst I was there I happened to see Xander’s thread


I don’t think this was his first one though, I remember the one with the refreshing webcam!  If I remember correctly I think we just saw a desk, lamp and bed most of the time :wink:

Searching through HoH brings back a lot of memories for me, I’ve done so many ones looking at Cd different ways, some ideas more controversial than others.


Metro is right, from the moment we knew the content of BfSP there were discussions on the Hand of Hashut about using the set for CD.  We lost a load of threads after Tim refreshed with the second hack :(, so it might have been in there.

I remember starting a thread on HoH that showed the BfSP sprues after they came up on Warseer.

I don’t know of anything that predates EE’s model using marauder arms on that set though.  He was quick to go through converting all the models.  I think that’s the first BfSP CD conversion I saw.  Most of us Longbeard Dwarf players ignored them at the time, being inferior to the multi part ones.  EE’s work did change that a little, and was inspiring to the tidal wave of newbies we had at the time on Bugmans.


My point exactly. EE and Xander actually did something! One thing is for sure without EE doing that first conversion and actually posting it where would we be? If Xander didnt get inspired by EE he wouldnt have created this site. And if that didnt happen we’d just have plain old HoH…


It’s a storied history. :slight_smile:

BUt EE is the man, I try to pester him to post from time to time, but he’s a busy guy and has many other armies.


...and has many other armies.

What? There are NO ARMIES more important then Chaos Stunties!

Kera foehunter:

E E the godfather of bfsp chaos dwarfs hip hip heray!!


Indeed more then anything the catalyst that got the whole ball rolling as it were. For which I’m thankfull. I had been comtenplating a CD army for years but was unsure of just how I wanted to begin. I got the [[BFSP]] set for Christmas 2006 and it sat there unused till August 2007… The rest as they say is history!


i wonder when the first ever dwarf was converted into a chaos dwarf. probably before the internet was made popular. i know i was converting minis way before id even used a computer. still it has gIven us all great inspiration and a way to share what we like with like minded people, rather than a gaming group who are only interested in the regular stuff!


I converted an old Hammerer model into a CD hero in around 96, but I’m sure I wasn’t the first.