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Sneak peeks of the new Thousand Sons stuff coming out soon:

Faeit 212: Thousand Sons Releases Revealed!

As a Sons player, really excited about this release - so many nice minis there :smiley:

Rundown of my thoughts -

Ahriman: really like this mini as they have not redesigned him. As far as I can tell, other than the disc, the only change from the old mini is the pose (unless I’m mistaken the new pose is taken from the cover artwork of one of the Ahriman novels). It’s such a nice mini that I’m tempted to get it even though I already have the old one.

Magnus - he’s been shown before and I still don’t like him

Rubricae Squads - really like these, although the crowns look larger than the previous versions, but as they’re plastic, shouldn’t be too hard to trim down. Find it interesting they’re shown with one guy with an ass cannon and over half look to have (combi) flamers. The aspiring sorcerer shows they’re CAD designed as he looks like a mirror flip of the BoP Ahriman in terms of pose and horns psychic hood.

Exalted Sorcerers - overall I like them. First one could do with being given a gauntlet over his right forearm though. Second looks like he has a jump pack with flames jetting out of it; I’d remove the flames si that from the front it doesn’t look like he’s having an explosive fart. Third one is great but could do with losing the third arm.

Tzaangors - think the paint job and photo are letting these guys down as they look a bit meh, but they appear to be the Warhammer Quest ones with chainswords and stub guns/autopistols and the WQ Tzaangors were alright (would still have preferred armoured ones like the illustration in the Lost and the Damned book though)

Scarab Occult - best of the bunch, they’re beautiful minis and look good enough to pass for pre-Heresy Scarab Occult. Unless my eyes deceive me they appear to be wearing Tartaros pattern armour which is a nice nod to the BoP game and it means they’ll be great for doing true-scale TS (for those that don’t know a popular truescalinv method it to use Tartaros termies). Again they have an ass cannon and one also looks like he has a missile pod mounted on his back like loyalist termies can have; I like the design of this as it looks like whoever designed the minis realised that if he had a loyalist style pod, then all he’d ever hit would be the back of his crown so designed one to look like Scarab legs or horns.

Overall I kinda hate GW right now - there’s too many new releases that I want to collect, 'stealer cult, HH Thousand Sons, 40k Thousand Sons, what’s next? Prospero Spireguard plastics? Chaos Squats? Reestablishng the Old World and releasing a full Chaos Dwarf big hats plastic range? :stuck_out_tongue:


Better pics here: http://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/11/19/the-legion-unveiled/


Better pics here: http://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/11/19/the-legion-unveiled/

Great models. GW is doing a lot right now. I am really excited for next years 40k renewal. Hope the codexes will be usable after that.



In addition to the TS book, looks like there’s going to be a 'dex on Inquisitors, assassins, etc and two fluff books that collect old Index Astartes articles one themed around the Imperium and the other around Chaos.


I hope we get a new Lord of Change soon, I’ve been dieing for one to come out ever since the new bloodthirster.



In addition to the TS book, looks like there's going to be a 'dex on Inquisitors, assassins, etc and two fluff books that collect old Index Astartes articles one themed around the Imperium and the other around Chaos.

Actually, I don't know anything about Index Astartes stuff, but there are going to be two codices, one for Chaos and one for the Imperium (like you said). here's the Imperial one, and here's the Chaos one.

Regarding the latter, yes, that's the codex that will come out for Christmas. Yes, that's the one that will include the Thousand Sons. Yes, it will have rules for each of the nine legions.

EDIT: Traitor legions is a supplement, NOT a new Chaos Space Marines codex.


Very tasty models. Will probably have to pick up a minimal force of Thousands Sons in the future just for the sake of these releases (and all previous fantastic 1k Sons minis), though waaay down the road.

Good showing from GW in the aesthetics department.


I hope we get a new Lord of Change soon, I've been dieing for one to come out ever since the new bloodthirster.

You could always get Magnus and sculpt a beak into him ;P


Man I’ve been waiting ages for rules for the traitor legions, I was so mad when they did a black legion book instead of ANY other legion. It’ll be cool to see rules for dudes like the Night Lords, Alpha Legion, and Iron Warriors for the first time in years and years.

Slavemaster Hod:

40K is getting pretty good these days. I can’t wait for my SoBs to come out soon.



Here is a very brief synopsys of Wrath of Magnus. To begin with, the timeline in Warhammer 40k is advancing, although (according to rumors) this will not bring to a complete change of the setting as in Warhammer Fantasy.

Right, the Changeling poses as Azrael and tries to create even more enmity between Space Wolves & Dark Angels. Fortunately, the REAL Azrael appears, and DA & SW fend off a Daemonic incursion together, but it’s too late. Magnus, the Thousans Sons, and 9 Silver Towers exit from the warp, and start sapping the energy of Fenris.

Logan is left incarcerated in the depths of Midgardia. The Rune Priests unite their powers in a super psionic entity, and guide Egil to free the Wolf Lord, but Egil is killed in the process, and the planet explodes. Once free, Logan reunites the SW fleet and gets back to Fenris, at which point Magnus goes bananas and uses its telekinetic abilities to wreck THE WHOLE SW fleet.

Now, Logan receives A VISION FROM LEMAN RUSS and uses some kind of hidden Fenrisian weapon to fend off a big attack from the Thousand Sons. Then, you guys remember that Logan’s Morkai Axe was taken from a Chaos Lord? Well, it turns out it is Khorne’s. Not “blessed by Khorne”, but “property of Khorne”. As such, the weapon is powerful enough to wound Magnus, at which point the SW concentrate all their arsenal to that wound, and banish the Daemon Prince back to the Warp, relieving Fenris. BUT!

…Midgardia is lost. The Space Wolves are forced by the Inquisition to kill all civilians that came in contact with Daemons. Fenris is basically not as usable as before, but still there. The Space Wolves rush to Cadia for two reasons. First of all, Ragnar is there, then…

…many Daemon Primarchs (which ones it’s not said) are sighted together with massive armies. The alarm is sent to Terra, where the High Lords simply send a letter to the core of the world, where “they kept an army capable of killing a god”. Apparently the last image of the book is a Sister of Silence getting out of a massive gothic door.

…The power sapped by the 9 Silver Towers allows the Thousand Sons to complete a ritual, and their world manages to exit the Eye of Terror and teleport in the material dimension, although the book doesn’t say where.

Finally, according to rumors a loyalist Primarch will come back. Who though? Lion (who is just sleeping)? Guilliman (maybe he got fully cured)? Or Russ (Logan got a vision from him)? I personally hope that Jagathai Khan will be back!


Any indication of what role Ahriman plays in the story? Does he team up with Magnus or is he still outcast?

Slavemaster Hod:

Wow, the Primarchs really are coming back to 40K. Hope the next on is the Lion, I have an Unforgiven army and would love to paint him.

After 20-30 years of the same world, GW change Fantasy and 40K in the same year.