[Archive] All of my CD hero's (Lots of Picts)


My Chaos Dwarf Hero’s, i hope you enjoy!

Blunderbuss lord: [attachment=1100]

Sorcerer lord: [attachment=1101]

Sorcerer Dæmon mount (Homemade, to look like steed of Shadows): [attachment=1102]

Hobbo Hero (Sneaky gitz speshul stabbas): [attachment=1103]

Hero on foot:


I need to work on there paint job, my friend wanted me to post them, so i just sorta’ whipped something together.

Kera foehunter:

great army!! love the sneeky git and anti bugman!!!

nothing better than a drunk leading your army


Nice minis!

Also like the sneaky git!



Cool conversions.

Use jpgs for photos rather than gifs, they work better for the larger numbers of colours.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks great! The picture format is strange though.


looks interesting,but cant say it for sure…the quality of the pics is to bad


My favourite is the Hobgob with the 2 knives.

Captain Crayon:

does your blunderbuss lord have a giant whippy axe?

cause thats awesome.

i love the sneaky git chap too…

where did the knives come from? or are they carved from sprue or something?


Yup ^^ the ‘giant whippy axe’ is a personal touch. Crude, and touch. The knives are made out of green stuff.

He’s supposed to look like a sneaky git, but he’s a hobbo hero.

I use GNOBLAR TRAPPERS as sneaky gitz.


whoa, when I click on those, it looks like I’m checking out the pattern on a kilt…

from what I can see, they look pretty good…