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The captain:

Allo everyone. Long time lurker finally signing up. Fantastic site. Found it after I was looking for a new army to take to conflict north and really liked the conversions (in particular Xander’s and Exquisite evil’s) and so built a Bfsp army for the occasion. Bit of RL info for those who care. My name is Phil, 19 in a couple of weeks, and based in the sunny sunny UK :~. Look foreward to being past of the community and long live Hashut!

The Flying Beaver:

Yarr! Welcome to the forum captain!


Welcome aboard! How are those conversions going?


hi captain, our whether aint that bad, and the floods are a nice touch:~


Sunny…UK…The North… tell me how did someone with these perception problems get his conflict army painted? I jest though, welcome to the Forum

Traitor King:

Welcome to the forums!

Hope the army goes well.

Sunny sunny UK? Do i hear i hitn of sarcasm by any chance?

grumble rain grumble


It never rains when you need it to though, only when England are winning at cricket and never when we’re losing