[Archive] Also looking for Grenadier AD&D Models


Hi again,

Long shot I know - but you’ll never know, right?

I am also looking for the miniantures from the 1980 Grenadier #2012 Dwellers Bellow Boxed set

I’m mainly interested in these 5, so if anyone can/will help me finding:

Cave Fisher

Intellect Devourer



Yuan Ti

I’ll be a happy man - the other 4 could (Otyugh, Doppleganger, Rust Monster and Roper) have my interest as well, but just ain’t that dear to me :wink:

Most wanted are pair of Cave Fisher’s

Facts: Danish (Europe) and prefer Paypal. Think you can help? PM me, please :wink:


Wow, that brings back memories!

That was probably the second boxed set I owned. I might have a few left & I’ll check my bits boxes once I get back in town.:wink:


Yes, please do :slight_smile:

I’ve now managed to get hold of the Beholder and Intellect Devourer - but still looking for the rest of them.


You never get tired on more minis do you? :slight_smile:


Nope :slight_smile: Have just spend a hole small fortune on a Otherworld giant, some Clan Wars Samurai’s and some old Citadels at eBay - and still want these. Not everything is bought for painting, though - just to feed the collecting gene. Like that giant :o Will probably ever see paint - but John Pickford spoke so highly of  it - that I then realized how badly I needed it - lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes the collecting bug has got me too. and it has spread from ed 3 CD’s to similar era orcs, ogres, gargoyles and now samurai. I’m doooomed.


Sadly, it looks like mine are gone, but do check this eBay auction: 120706236607 . It looks like a complete set with some other odds & ends.



- thanks for the link - looks like everything I’m after, but sadly he won’t ship it outside the US: “This auction is open ONLY to those in the USA …” :frowning: :frowning:

So, still looking :wink:



- thanks for the link - looks like everything I'm after, but sadly he won't ship it outside the US: "This auction is open ONLY to those in the USA ...." :( :(

So, still looking ;)

You *could* ask someone in the US on the forums nicely and let them post it to them, and then onto you??
Just a thought ;P


Yeah, I could do that, but quite a lot asking for - as it’s not a ‘buy it now’ item. So much tactics and sniper biddings involved now a days, that it takes a lot of involvement for what? Being friendly? Also quite a risky for all parts here. Done it a few times on UK only auctions - using ‘very close friends’. And no worries, this is not a Siege Gun or a Juggernaut - plain and simple grenadiers, so others will come by.

But should someone here buy it, and want to sell any accessories feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Cool, it is best to use only people you know really.

Good luck!


Naagruz has been very helpful here, and might have found me a lot of the Dwellers below. We’ll soon find out.

Next miniature on the ‘wanted, badly’-list is this Xorn here:

So If you have it and want to part with it, let me know, please :slight_smile:



EDIT: you should look at his other stuff too - lots of classic AD&D goodness.

(ps: Not affiliated with the seller, don’t know the seller, etc…)


It might come as a surprise but I also use eBay :wink: - and if you look, you’ll see that it actually there I found the picture :smiley: - but thanks for checking of course.

- but that’s a ridicules price (like all his miniatures) - BNIBs have been sold at half that price  - and then $14 for shipping - who is he trying to fool ? :sick

Blue in VT:

:hat off

What a cool collection of figures…BTW clam if you need stuff from US only options please let me know…Always willing to help feed a lead addiction…:cheers




My personal American pusher :wink: How about US companies that don’t do credit cards. Can you help with that too :rolleyes:

Blue in VT:

:hat off…we might be able to arrange something…:stuck_out_tongue: