[Archive] Alternate Chaos Dwarf Models


Cool idea - but I don’t really know how to edit the Wiki - and really don’t have the time learn right now.

Wasn’t able to add Rackham as their store is unavailable at the moment (not entirely sure if Rackham should be added anyway…)

I do :smiley: It would be so nice with a compilation of all the alternatives out there - just like we have the entire GW Miniature range shown - both current and OOPs.

And a lot of inspiration for this page could be found here:


And we also might like to add these:


I think it should mention, that Hasslefree is doing Sjoerd Trouwee’s dwarves of Myth (the Twisted Tale ones) - now. Will be up in april I belive.

Hasslefree has also cast Sjoerdo’s (Sjoerd Trouwee) lates CD - this one:


WIP can be seen here: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/7719

And I think that his newer sculpts also will find it’s way to Hasslefree’s

Twisted Tales

TT also has the Klagg Morgrief miniature:


Fenryl has Chaos dwarfs as well - these:

Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll

And also these should/could be added:

Pirate dwarfs: Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll

Skeleton dwarf: Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll

and maybe the Dwarf Giant :smiley: Fenryll - Boutique - Fenryll


Grenadier also did a blister pack:

with these 3 CDs:


The Ral Partha miniatures is also made by Chronopia (Pince August): http://www.princeaugust.ie/target_games/index.html (would really like have known the history behind Ral Partha - they seems to pop up everywhere :D)

They have a few more (evil looking dwarfs (yes, I know that they are not all evil in the storyline - but not many - from appearance - regular dwarfs in there range)):

Dark Tusk Blood Totem + Keeper, Horned Ones Spearmen, Axe-horn Warriors, and Warshields

Could also be found in blister-packs

In the blister range you could also find Dark Tusked, Vulture Mallet Warriors, Wolf Legion, Crossbows - all more or less evil looking.

EDIT: Forgot this new one - the Dark-Tusked Tusk Raider :smiley:

Metal Magic

Another company that’s out of business but did some Bob Olley Chaos Dwarfs.

And did a few of my favorite Chaos Dwarfs :

You can see them all here here: http://www.stunties.com/wiki/index.php/Chaos_Dwarves_28mm

Quite a few of them are still available at: Mega Miniatures http://stores.shop.ebay.com/MegaMiniatures__W0QQ_armrsZ1


Essex also do Bob Olley Chaos Dwarfs (25mm)

The range could be seen here: http://www.essexminiatures.co.uk/gal_qfan3.html