[Archive] Alternate Color Schemes for CDs?


Hello all…

I’ve been browsing CDO for 2 days now and have seen some really great modeling and painting, as well as advice and constructive critisicms… kudos.

But, with very few exceptions, all of the armies seem to be bent upon the same color scheme. Is this due to a hard-as-nails background concept that I’m not aware of (very likely), or is it just that black/red/bronze is simply the most popular scheme?

What other color schemes come to mind? I’d much prefer not to paint another red/black/bronze army, having just completed a 2500 Khornate Beasts list, and am in the market for an alternate choice.

At the risk of looking like a mardi-gras army, would black/purple/bronze look nice on the CDs, remembering that green would be the predominant color on the slave units? Or, is there a better alternative?

I appreciate the your replies and comments. Cheers!


Shameless self-promotion aside, my army is based on a purple scheme. There’s no reason imo why a CD army has to be red/black, it’s just that that scheme is very traditional in terms of both fluff and flavour (dark, slaving, daemon-harnessing bad guys). You may have to experiment for the first wee while before finding a scheme that you like best.

Pyro Stick:

Heres the colour schemes i use. I have another that is purple and red but i dont ahve pics yet. It has less brown that this purple one which i think has a bit too much purple. Later im going to try a green and silver colour scheme.

Ghrask Dragh:

I suppose seeing so many red schemed Chaos Dwarfs it just seems like the norm, I personally think it’s great to see other schemes (khan’s being one of the best). I can see what you are saying about the green clashing with slave units, my slaves won’t be greenskins though which is why I chose green for my armour, so I would say purple is the next best choice!

Oh and welcome to the forum :cheers hope you enjoy!!


Thanks guys…

I really like your armies Khan and Pryo. Both are pretty sweet.

I’m thinking of a darker Grey/Purple primary colors, with Bronze (patina as well?) for armor helms and such, and likely black (with blue tint) beards. The slaves are mostly cloth or armour covered, so I’m hoping that the green (which I am fond of, lol) will not be to prevalent. I’ll likely paint the slaves with tattoos, savage style.

Again, thanks for the response and the welcome!


I’m going to try to pull off a Green/Grey scheme… whenever I get around to making and painting some CD’s…


I tried some radical (well, to me anyway) colour schemes - green + bronze, purple and bronze, green and orange, turquoise and brass and I found it hard to keep the CD evilness, at least in my mind’s eye. After much experimenting I got tired of it and went back to the basic fiery oranges and reds.

In theory many darker or subdued colours should work, ultimately its how you see them that is important.


Yeah thats a tricky one as you have to keep them evil looking. I dont think green would work in any shade. Yellow would work if used with dark contrasting colours such as purple and red, its hardest colour to paint though most people say. Black and yellow like a wasp may be quite original?


I don’t know. I think pretty much any army with enough spikes, death masks and blunt weapons would look evil enough to me, no matter what color they are.

Color wise, you can do anything you want. I would stick with darker colors obviously. I am trying a dark green scheme on my dwarfs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I use black cloth and helmets, boltgun armour and purple or scab red for trim. It works well. Have a look (don’t have time to find the link, right now).


If you wanted to go for the purple route, I suggest trying silver (boltgun?) in lieu of bronze, as it compliments purple well, and adds further distintion/separation from the traditional black/red/bronze scheme.

I think deep purples look great on CD, and may even paint some of the big hat CD’s that way.



a couple of ideas

catachan green - very nice colour

of even go industrial and try codex grey - shade cg and black with a fortress grey highlight with watered down brown ink in small places for weathering