[Archive] Alternate Hand Weapons

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Since the term “Hand Weapon” is so diverse in the Warhammer 7th Edition Rule Book, I am wondering what alternative hand weapon combination you might use for Chaos Dwarfs and/or Hobgoblins if you were to drop the traditional Chaos Dwarf/Hobgoblin Axe and Shield combination as seen on the 5th edition Chaos Dwarfs. (These are the smaller hand weapons, not the Great or Two Hand Weapons, Spears or whatever.)

Now turn with me in your rule books to pages 56 and 57…

Also, please state which weapon you’d like to give to which race - Hobgoblin or Dwarf.

This is multiple choice, so have fun!

Thommy H:

Since the term "Hand Weapon" is so diverse in the Warhammer 7th Edition Rule Book,
It's always been like that.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

True…but how would you vote. (It’s for fun.)

Thommy H:

Well, looking at the list, most of them aren’t hand weapons at all…

Are we talking about modelling here or what?


I voted slings and shield as well as throwing axes, (I actually plan to have both of them in my army book). Slings I believe would be in wide use as you want to catch a slave alive and relatively unhurt, while the image of a mad chaotic dwarf armed with throwing axes is awesome :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, looking at the list, most of them aren't hand weapons at all...

Thommy H
Oops...which ones did I screw up on?
Are we talking about modelling here or what?
To answer the second question, this is for both models AND playability.

Thommy H:

Morning stars have their own rules, slings are a missile weapon and don’t count as hand weapons in any respect, a brace of pistols would not only be pistols (obviously) but would also count as an additional hand weapon, likewise a pistol does count as a hand weapon but also has its own rules for shooting, and throwing axes and knives are also missile weapons.

The thing with hand weapons though is that it’s a rule of convenience. Everything has a hand weapon, and almost anything counts as one - swords, axes, a big stick, claws, even just a fist - because a hand weapon is just what everyone uses to attack at their base level of effectiveness. The other close combat weapons given in the rule book are the exceptions to the hand weapon rules, so trying to compile a list of every possible “hand weapon” would be impossible. Technically, you don’t even have to model the things!

But, for Chaos Dwarfs, curved swords look quite cool instead of axes. Then there’s hammers, of course.


Hammers and curved swords FTW! :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Maybe I should re-name the poll as just plain old “alternate weapons” then.

Pistols are included in the Dwarf Thunderers/Quarrellers box, but I think I’m the only person who ever put them as a unit in a Dwarf army…and most people just looked at the models and said “WTF???”. Here’s a picture of the models :

These are the 16 Pistoleers that make up the unit.

The models are a combination of the Warriors and Thunderers/Quarrelers kits.

Pistoleers can Stand and Shoot at a range of 8 inches from a charging enemy.

This picture was also taken outside the walls of Olby.

Photograph by Richard Murray.

The 8"range makes the weapon a little useless, but the redeeming feature is that they are armour piercing. That might have some use for CD’s.

Thommy, on a technical note, can you do a shield and pistol? I just guessed at that one.

Thommy H:

You can, but it wouldn’t count as a shield and a hand weapon, except in close combat. It would be a shield and a pistol, and a pistol has its own rules, one of which is “counts as a hand weapon in close combat”. So a pistol is not the same as an axe, and if you modelled your Chaos Dwarfs with pistols, people would expect them to follow the rules for pistols (i.e. be able to shoot). It wouldn’t be WYSIWYG.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Yeah…I see the dillema. It’s a 2-fold weapon as at range it’s one type of thing and in close combat it becomes another.

However, shielded pistolleers would be a better unit to field against my friend’s Skink blowpipers. They may not have the same range, but they might be better protected/more powerful.

2 handed pistolers might be better as well. …wheels are turning…

But if the pistol doesn’t cound as a hand weapon…would i still have to glue an axe in the dwarf’s hand?

Thommy H:

No, the pistol does count as a hand weapon, but it’s also a pistol. So if you had a model with a pistol, you couldn’t say “this is a hand weapon”, because your opponent would expect it to be able to shoot too. You’re not giving yourself much of an advantage (if any), but it’s still not quite kosher.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ok, I get it now.

But you say it’s not kosher…do you mean for a Chaos Dwarf to use? Or just in general?

Thommy H:

In general. You should aim for WYSIWYG.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

so in other words, build a unit of said models holding said weapons, pistols, for example.

Thommy H:

If they’re armed with pistols in the army list, yes. Don’t model pistols as hand weapons though - pistols aren’t hand weapons; they’re pistols.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

pistols aren't hand weapons; they're pistols
Ok...a Freudian Slip on my part.


Tarrakk, you pistoleers are also a bit legaly.

You can equipp the thunderes with a shield an do as your’s pistols use like are the rifles


no selfrespecting Chaos Dwarf would leave the stronghold armed with anything but axe, hammer, and/or firearm … :stuck_out_tongue:

Border Reiver:

Brace of Pistols - preferably if we can make them multiple shot, and then give the carrying models serapes, low crowned hats and cigars.

GW even made the model.

Back in my day.