[Archive] Alternative Army Lists for free download


For interested in either playing or collecting models for army’s that appear in the fluff but not in GW’s plans here ya go:

the Army of Nippon
the Army of the Norse
the Army of Estalia

I wrote these years ago @ the dawn of 6th edition, little play testing has been done. But from a sense of accomplishment I think I did an OK job. :slight_smile:

They are in PDF form so fell free to peruse.


Once there click on the wargaming tab and army lists are there (sorry direct link isn’t working).



What now love here??? :frowning:

Thommy H:

Looking through the Nipponese one, it seems extremely well-researched. My only thought is that it reads a bit too much like a Japanese historical army, rather than a Warhammer army inspired by a real culture from history. Bretonnia is not just a medieval French army and The Empire is not simply renaissance German, for instance.


Valid. Still would be fun to field it though!


Awesome work there friend like the araby list most but its all good do they really need kamikaze rocket men lol:hat


hey i found an army list on this website www.rgmw.org/fantasy/rgmw-wfb-IceDwarf.html - 66k. unfortunatly it has long since been deleted. anyway it took the choas dwarf army list and applied it to a group of dwarfs from the mountains of norsca that had fallen to chaos. The man who made it filled it with conversion ideas and the like. The reason i liked the lists was that you were completely free with how the army could look. For example in place of a lammasu he called it a wrymm of the north. it functioned the same and could be easily by the wyvvren orc model. This kinda got me excited becuse and i mean no offense, i hate what the lammasu look like and i really like dragonish things. Thats just an example of this did. i have a printed copy of the list and i intend to base my army off of the idea that he suggests. any thoughts???


sry about the missing words… i think faster than i type uhh lets see here…

“and could be easily repersented**** by the wyvvren orc model”

"thats just an example of what this guy*** did"

there all fixed!


Nice job.


Awesome work there friend like the araby list most but its all good do they really need kamikaze rocket men lol:hat

Thanks. I can't take all of the credit though. A number of things ate from 3rd efition (as noted) and changed for 6th. They should be fine to use with 7th as well.

I am a bit puzzled by the kamikaze bit? Are you talking about the Nippon list?

Zarek- paint and/or model however you want to... Its your army.