[Archive] Alternative Inquisitor Model


Hi guys,

I’ve been looking for a male Inquisitor to use in my 40k army but I don’t like any of the Games Workshop models and can’t find any alternatives, does anyone have any suggestions. Easy conversions are fine too. Thanks.


You could take a look at the urban mammoth, warzone or warmachine ranges. Not 100% sure what you are after but there are some fun models in those ranges.

Thommy H:

Hasslefree Miniatures (the webstore seems to be down at the moment, but when it’s working again have a look at their ‘Adventurers’ range).

Heresy Miniatures.

Pyro Stick:

What about the AoW Witch Hound. I dont think its out yet but the sculpting is finished:



Thanks for the replies, I ended up going with the Commander Stryker variant model from Warmachine.