[Archive] Alternative models?

James Q:

So I manged to score my self the forge world book to start my chaos dwarf army :-). I have also ordered the forge world Deamonsmiths too. But my question is…has anybody used the mantic Abyssal dwarfs as there inferno guards? My plan is to use them as my IG’s and use the forge world models for the rest. Will this be acceptable for people?


I’m not sure if it matters but the forge world models have heavier armor


Depends on the people in your area. I havn’t met any warhammer players that had a problem with miniatures from other companies - except in GW stores of cause. So if you play in clubs or shops other than GW, I don’t think it’s a problem.

Check out Vantraxx blod , he uses a lot of Mantic Dwarfs.

I myself am using Mantic ogres for my bull centaurs.

In my area you can use whatever you like, as long as it looks good, is true to the warhammer world and feel.

James Q:

Yeah checked his blog out and agree with what he says about how he should of used the abyssal dwarfs instead of the normal ones. So will look into getting them for my core troops then forge world stuff for the rest.


Also these just returned to the interet. Cool miniatures, lots of people use them, and they are cheap. TECHNO STUFF.


Wow, techno miniatures are nice. Do you know if motaro kin centaurus would be good to represent bull centaurs?