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I used to use flesh wash and Green ink for alot of my models, now GW doesn’t offer these thing. Should I water down Bestial Brown to get the same effect or go darker like scorched brown? I look forewad to hearing your ideas!!!


GW inks have been replaced with a line of “washes” now. Use GW’s Ogryn Flesh wash, or Devlan Mud wash for darker skin. Its not as thin as the old inks, nor are they as concentrated, but they do work nicely. Alternatively, Vallejo makes some inks and washes that do the same thing. If you really want inks, try looking for some regular artist’s drawing inks - they’re basically what GW sold and come in the same colours.


Devlan mud and gryphon sepia work well for skin and thraka green makes a nice wash over hobgoblin skin.

richard barby:

no more flesh wash more things for me to bitch about next time i go to gw

but devlin mud is brilliant i seem to use on just about everything shoes cloths anything wood and orge skin


I don’t use the washes/ink/


Why get a alternative when you can get the real thing ?


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133 Ink wash - Flesh

134 Ink wash - Green

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nice thorne!

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