[Archive] Alternative Xbows for 3rd editon CDs?

Blue in VT:

So I’ve never been a big fan of the plastic Xbows that are supposed to be used with the 3rd edition Citadel CD figures…these guys:


They seem too large and not very nice for these awesome figures…does anyone know of a source of different crossbows that would fit better with these guys?


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Da Crusha:

you can use the ones from the dwarf sprue.


there are some small ones on the mordheim accessory sprue if i recall correctly.


Doesn`t the empire free company box come with xbows? I think they would fit.


not loose ones. You get two types per 4 models, its attached to the arms to.

However I have loads of the empire handgunners spare crossbows (not a fan in my army)
Would they be of any use?

sorry for all the images.

Blue in VT:


hey Nitro…those look pretty good…any idea how they compare size-wise?

thanks all!



Dark Elves have small crossbows in their warriors set I think. Just leave the repeater bit off.


They tbh are quite big.

The dark elves one are quite a bit shorter. In fact they have some short one handed repeaters. they might however be too short.