[Archive] Amassing the troops


I finally have my troops gathered… it’s been a very long wait as I’ve been wanting many of these guys since the late 90s and never got around to it.

For those of you who are astute enough to notice, you’re correct, one of the Death Rocket crew is missing.

My oh my… where to start?!? I’m going to have my work cut out for me! Not to mention finishing my BFSP conversions :wink:



Haha, thats a huge army you got there…

With your previous work on the Warhammer Quest board in mind Id love to see you start on these asap! :slight_smile:


So many lovely big hats :slight_smile: you must have at least 4000 pts there i cant wait to see some of them painted :slight_smile:


Regardless of type, I am insanely jealous of the massive collection of classic figures that you own.


Impressive, cool. :slight_smile:

Wath a CD’s army that you have. But I like more the CD’s warrriors box. :smiley: :smiley:

Border Reiver:

Good to see such a large army. If it was my army, I’d start with a unit of warriors, finish them, then do a character - rinse and repeat.

Damn, you got lots of basic warriors - I’m jealous…

Uzkul Werit:

pure envy

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Ammrik Gunrock:

Hmm…you have quite a few Death Rockets…

I’d be willing to take a few off your hands;)


WHAT! Damnnn only original cool big hats lol! nice one! looking forward to see u paint them :D!


those are not the minis you want, you should pass them on to Ogrob

(Jedi mind trick always worth a shot…)

Anyways, awesome collection.


I must say I am not really a big fan of the older Chaos Dwarf models… but seeing so many together like that, just waiting to be unleashed on the gaming tables of the world is rather a sweet sight :slight_smile: Best of luck painting all those up!


i´m not the biggest big hat fan around here,but thats something i like

thats soooooooooooooooooo cool

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I love this collection! Nice to see 2 Great Taurus’ here!


He likes big hats, he cannot lie.


Good to see such a large army.  If it was my army, I'd start with a unit of warriors, finish them, then do a character - rinse and repeat.

Border Reiver
I agree, starting with a unit of Warriors is a good idea, they're straight forward enough and I have LOADS of them that I can do some experimentation with colours and such before moving on to more important units.

For once I'm a little intimidated by the amount of work before me... especially with Space Hulk waiting to be painted ;)



Now thats impressive! Cant wait to see some of them painted!


Very impressive and awesome!

BUT :slight_smile: when they will all be painted?

I´m very very curious how fast you will paint! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Nevermind Space Hulk…you have CD Hulk!


BUT :) when they will all be painted?

I´m very very curious how fast you will paint! ;P

It's going to be very slow... much slower than my Warhammer Quest stuff. I was off for the Summer and now I'm back at work full-time. It's grant writing season and we're going after some decent $ this time around... not to mention I have to dust off my coding hat and make some of our computational software work on a GPU so that we can demonstrate proof-of-concept for a GPU-based cluster we want funds allocated for... this and I'm also about 6 months behind on publications. Publish or perish. Sadly my chosen career path doesn't allow a lot of free time at this stage :|

I may have to join the 6 hour a month club for painting and just force myself to sit for two evenings a month painting.



Nice start dude.

I’ll be sending you that sprue while I’m off next week BTW.