[Archive] Amateur installation of Warhammer mod for Medieval 2 (Kingdoms) Total War


Hi, I’m in the process of downloading the Medieval 2 mod Warhammer: Rage of Dark Gods. The installation instructions are on a Russian site.

Now I know I’ll stumble and make several errors as I try to install this mod, no matter how closely I try to follow the instructions. I’m a raw amateur in such matters.

Would anyone like to help out with advice for a beginner to smoothen the process? The game is installed on Steam and I want to install English voices and evertything else available.

Any tips before I start? :slight_smile:


First problem encountered. The file "Setup_Call_of_Warhammer_1_5_0…


Freck! Now I have to install midieval 2 again. Never gonna let me go. Just like Morrowind and Mount n Blade.

Zhatek The Weird:

Wait !? theres a warhammer mod :open_mouth: i need to reinstall it.


I loved Total War 2, Played all the mods and i never got the Warhammer one working flawlessly. It’s buggy, Crashed and when you should deathrockets or Earthshakers it Blue Screens my pc. So i gave up on it hopefully it’s come on from then.


Installation went smoothly. Surprisingly so.

The mod is good. It’s an excellent work done on graphics, sound and background text, except for the blanks where the developers haven’t got to grabs with it yet. It worked fine enough for me until the Hellcannon fired for the first time in a battle. It immediately crashed the game, though I didn’t receive blue screen.

The Chaos Dwarf faction is rough around the edges, lacking interface, most character portraits and some voice acting of their own. They don’t even have Bull Centaurs, their most iconic unit. K’daai and other FW goodies might be included in future updates if we’re lucky. On the flipside WoC can hire Chaos Dwarf mercenaries.

The Dwarf faction was ridiculously difficult to handle after a while, with bafflingly strong Orcs and Night Goblin hordes queueing outside the cities. Maybe I’m just bad at handling Medieval gameplay, I’d rather have seen unit costs to be more similar to Rome I.

The best way to download and install it seem to be this one.