[Archive] An idea for converting unique slave mobs/rabble


Hi, everyone.

I recently had an interesting idea for a unique-looking unit of slaves after reading through the Indy GT list and the wiki on this site. If it’s already been done, well done to whoever thought of it first, but I felt it was worth sharing in case it hadn’t.

Quite a few bits of more or less canon background (including Grudgebearer) state that Chaos Dwarfs use many races as slaves, not just greenskins. With that in mind, I found myself wondering what would happen if they managed to capture heroes and important figures from defeated armies. Which led to this image:

Picture a multi-species slave unit (particularly the front rank) where shabby, battered, broken versions of important figures from other races are being marched along by a hobgoblin taskmaster along with all the greenskins and normal beggar-looking humans as a walking insult to the armies they were captured from. Here’s a few examples, though really any normal enemy infantry or characters could be made into something like this:

- A slave that used to be a High Elf spearman until the Chaos Dwarfs blinded him. Probably quite easy to add a bandage over the eyes with green stuff, then it’s just a matter of posing a normal elf model right.

- A slave that used to be a knight and still has the remains of his old helmet on his head even though he’s otherwise mostly dressed in rags like a Flagellant. Perhaps cut off part of the crest on the helmet if it’s taken from something that has one, and use green stuff to sculpt a crest where half of it’s fallen off or been pulled out.

- Or, for the ultimate insult, a ragged human slave who clearly used to be a Bretonnian Damsel, now with a rusty sword and no means of using magic. (In story terms, picture the reaction of any enemy knights upon seeing that. They’d probably instantly declare the Chaos Dwarfs the most evil race in the entire world, at the very least!)

(Also, for black comedy purposes, a regular dwarf slave in the back rank who looks like he can’t keep up since slaves are movement 4)

As far as I can tell, some of these wouldn’t be too hard to convert. Just replace their weapons with crude-looking hand weapons and shields, use green stuff or file away at the model to make their clothes look worn and ragged, assemble them so they look dejected and paint them in faded colours or grubby shades of brown. It’d probably result in a unique-looking unit with a lot of character.

Anyone tried something like this before? If so, I’d like to see examples of unique slaves or hear ideas for them. :slight_smile:

(Note that these wouldn’t be any different to normal slaves in game terms. It’s just a way I thought of to make slave units stand out and show how evil your Chaos Dwarf Overlord or High Priest of Hashut is)


I like the ideas. Would be awesome to see this done and painted :slight_smile:



Cool idea, I did something similar for my DOW undead unit:- http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2472

I tried to include one of every army that looked rusted and decaying, not quite the same tbh but love the idea!

Da Crusha:

I like the ideas. sounds pretty cool. I was just thinking about the flagellant Idea like tjub did. adding several different races could sure add a lot of character to the army. particularly if it is done well. if it isn’t done well, Im afraid it would just look like proxied slaves.


Planning to do pretty much that. Well, mixing races at least for a salve/rabble unit. Which I will probably to some degree “reuse” through other armies as well. E.g. if I ever do that Skaven army.

Anyway, a little teaser of a WiP unitfiller.


Go For It!    No way CD’s would go to the bother of separating races into different units.   Just need a decent spread of models to make them.   I guy (veteran painter/gamer in our club http://moruyamarauders.weebly.com/ ) suggested “timurids” apparently a mongol unit, possibly cheapish to get, that might suit me when I get around to it.


That’s the spirit! Just what I plan to do for my slaves (usable both for Skaven and Chaos Dwarfs, decided by what whip-wielding taskmasters are used). Just make sure that all models’ clothes are suitably dirty and ragged. :hat

If you can trade (or buy) some parts or models with buddies, you can come a long way if you don’t have the large bitz collection necessary to pull a multi-species slave rabble off. Otherwise, mass unit boxes like Gnoblars, Night Goblins (preferably from BFSP), Clanrats and Zombies will come in handy if a large slave cohort is planned, with watever Empire, Dwarf and Elf models or bitz - that are available - thrown into the mix.


And then cover them in blood so that all fit together as a unit

should solve the problem if someone thinks it as blatant proxying from your mate’s armies

something like this

Bloody slaves:

Bloody based slaves:

New slave model variant: