[Archive] An interesting Ebay lot



Break out the resin :slight_smile:


Cool, I wish I knew how to cast stuff.

Pyro Stick:

Cooool. The only thing putting me off is the £25 postage. I bet my postcode gets a surcharge as well.

Do you think we should email the seller for better pics of the Evil Dwarf, maybe some painted pics as well?


wouldnt be a bad Idea Pyro the lot does look kinda cool !

Pyro Stick:

He has a website with a few greens for sale:



Might be worth getting even though the postage price is high as you can make money from them over time by selling the minis, the jungle gobbos look nice, on the website the dwarfs look good - just depends which one it is - also wouldnt mind finding out what the golums are like

wow just noticed the price has gone up

if any one on here gets them - unlikely - i would be interested in distributing the modelsthrough my website


at first glance postage seems high, bit those are full rotational/centrifigal molds - those are going to be quite weighty. Even so could be worth a go as long as production rights are included which are not even mentioned in the listing - just the nod to the ownership of the treeman to impact minatures. Just b/c you own the mould doesnt implicitly imply you have production rights… just production capabilities… lol… but maybe i am just too paranoid.

more info would prolly be of benefit.

as too the golems there is a pic of one linked in the posting… big rocks with smaller rocks at the joints, but yeah a nice pic of the master cast and or finished mini would be great.

@starscream - casting in and of inself isnt too difficult and like most skill sets requires some practice.

Kera foehunter:

this is cool !! i like the little goblins

Pyro Stick:

I got a close up pic of the chaos dwarf:

Still not very clear though…

The auciton is up toaround £70 now. Way out of my price range.


Cool, I wish I knew how to cast stuff.

You'd need a centrifigal force machine to spin those babies..

Pyro Stick:

This auction ends in 15 minutes if anyone is interested. Its at £147.


£155 + £25 postage, not to bad, went for less than i thought, unfortunetly cant find out who won to see about model sales :frowning:

Pyro Stick:

£155 + £25 postage, not to bad, went for less than i thought, unfortunetly cant find out who won to see about model sales :(

Why not email the seller and ask?


Seems slightly iffy, the seller needs to provide paperwork on the production rights, otherwise it’s a crap shoot as to who owns it.