[Archive] An open letter to the users of the marketplace section


While the forum has no involvement in the market section as such, and all transactions are a private matter between the buyer and seller, we have obviously been watching the Zonk saga quite intently.

It seems that this can now not be regarded as anything other than a scam. While this sort of thing is always a risk, it has still saddened us to have it happen on our forum, especially since the people involved are forum members we have communicated with over the years and regard as friends. For what it is worth, we feel deeply sorry for the fact that the miniatures those involved were looking forward to getting did not arrive, and the obvious sense of betrayal that this entails.

After much discussion we have decided to give Zonk 30 days to respond to our PMs, otherwise he will be banned. We feel that while allowing him to stay as a member keeps communication channels open there is no longer any real reason to believe he intends to communicate with his victims.