[Archive] And another model from the forges of Eternalfreak


Just finished greenstuffing this bloke, he’s the leader of my warhost, a massive army consisting of…a single uncrewed deathrocket. Well, every Lord has to start somewhere, I suppose. This is my first attempt at doing the dread-style beard, which endured being ripped off and redone about six times before I was happy with him. I’ll probably re-do him once my skills in dread-modelling are significantly better, but for now, he is the terror of the east, Rhazta Unbaraki. Fear him! :hashut

Oh yeah, the actual model; its the BFSP thane, with a furry mongol hat from a 40k ork boy, the arm from a repositioned Gor/Marauder (the weapon is gor, the arm marauder), and again, the sheild from a marauder. That thing beneath his sword arm is some form of tabard, from the ogres I beleive. Its got a drinking horn and assorted gubbinz on there. As always, constructive critisism, praise, worship, and/or slaves are welcome :slight_smile:

Again, apologies for picture quality.

Ghrask Dragh:

Excellent :cheers

I really don’t like the BFSP Thane so it’s always nice to see such good things coming of it! The dreaded beard looks cool, could be cleaned up a bit above the some form of tabard though.

I really like the choice of hats, what is the mask from? maybe it’s the picture but I can’t quite make it out.

Can’t wait to see the rest of his army!


Looking good man, any chance of a close up?

Border Reiver:

Not bad EF, but isn’t his hat too short? (Just kidding).

Waht do the rest of your Dawi look like?


Dawi Zharr? They look like this

As for my vanilla dawi (loyallist? What do we refer to them as?), they look (mainly characters here) like this

That reminds me, I should really put some WIP pics up on the realm.

Oh, and yeah, I’m not a bighat person. Smallhat, no hat, mask, but no bighats.