[Archive] Angular stylized bull's head icon plucked from Urartian bronze helmets


This is an ancient Armenian bronze helmet from the mountainous kingdom of Urartu (illustrations found here), famous for its metalworking, much influenced by the cultural centres to the south in Mesopotamia and a bloody thorn in the side of the Assyrians. Here are some reproductions. Notice the forehead icon. I haven’t got a clue as to what it’s depicting, but it makes me think of a stylized bull’s head with an extra pair of tiny horns for good measure. Pretty Chaos Dwarfish:



Nice find.

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Ghrask Dragh:

I can see that, something along those lines would make a very cool Bull icon


Admiral, you are about to create your own faction of CDs here. Bring on the “historical correct”/inspired Chaos Dwarves.


Hmm… if I could get a straight on shot, I could quite easily make bits of this symbol.

EDIT: oh found one pretty easily…

I’ll tinker with it and see if it looks decent as a bit… Hmm… show of hats if anyone would be interested before I dump a few hours into the project?


I’ll definitely be interested when you get another batch of icons ready.


I’d love to see that ornament given a bitz spin! However, I’m trying to prioritize paying for moulds, and keeps down my own army spending.