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Chaos stunies want to play??? Da bash begins Oct 31

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Before I stick reading tons of stuff at 5am and get it wrong, how do the mechanics of the campaign work?


Come on fauthsie! You can advertise better than that! Make us excited at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The mechanic are a rather complicated affair which can be viewed here.


But to sum up… If you play a sea game (Man O war or Sea based warhammer) you can report your battle in one of your sea regions or 2 island locations.

If you fight on land (warhammer and its variant games) you get 2 choices. You can attack a region (the arabian countryside) or a location (cities, towns, etc). Now these 2 systems are intertwined. So if you have lots of control of the countryside you get bonuses when you attack cities. If you have little control you get a penalty. This combine with the fact that every site on the map will be open for attack and that places can be reopened if captured it means that you have to watch areas control while looking for weaknesses that you can exploit

Come on fauthsie! You can advertise better than that! Make us excited at least.
I know, I’m embarrassed… but come play anyways…


Here is alittle something to make up for my embarrassing announcement…

Mohammad Aljebari walked slowly along the coastal road away from the rebuilt north gate of Lashiek leading his donkey cart. As the sun slowly sank towards the horizon Aljebari halted to watch the sky turn blood red as he pondered what had become of his homeland. For thirty-three years he had been making the same trek from his small fishing village to the markets of Lashiek to sell his catch and to buy goods for his family. That was until five years ago�?�

The civil war between the young Sheikh Tariq Abbas and his old advisor Caliph Haseem Al-Quadamah ripped apart the lands of Araby. After dozens of bloody battles it became apparent that neither side could achieve the swift victory that both leaders hoped for, so they each sent out calls for aid. Abbas sent a call to the lands of men of the Old World which was quickly answered by the honourable knights of Bretonnia lead by Lord Baluin. Meanwhile, Haseem made a pact with the forces of darkness, promising to turn the lands of Araby into a nation of dark god worshipers. To assist Haseem the dark gods sent forth some of their most vile and viscous warriors under command of Abhorakh Solomar to ensure the defeat of the infidels. To complicate matters two competing hordes of greenskins poured into Araby from the Badlands, while pirate vessels took advantage of the civil war by pillaging the rich Arabian coastline. Meanwhile deep in the desert, a sleeping threat emerged from his long slumber in search of reclaiming his lost throne.

After months of brutal fighting that left the deserts of Araby stained red with blood and the capital of the young Sheikh�?Ts nation burning, Abbas and allies were victorious. In a final battle in the cobbled streets of Lashiek itself, the Sheikh and his Pact allies shattered the forces of Haseem�?Ts Covenant and drove the Greenskins back all the way to the West Arabrian Mountains. Unfortunately for Sheikh Abbas the victory was short lived. With his forces shattered the young Sheikh could not control Lashiek let alone the rest of the Araby without help. Fortunately for him Lord Baluin and his allies were more than happy to assist. After demanding titles, land, trade and military concessions from the Sheikh as compensation, the Pact forces to spread out across Araby. Captured prisoners from Covenant were forced reconstruct Lashiek and other devastated cities while Bretonnian knights quickly and brutally fanned out across the countryside and crushed anyone who stood in their path. Unfortunately for the people of Araby it left no question in their mind who ruled their nation: the Lords of the Araby Reclamation Pact.

Following the brutal repression of the dissenters rumors of atrocity against the Arabian people spread like wildfire and hatred quickly grew for not only for the Pact �?ooccupiers�?� but their Sheikh puppet as well. It was this hatred that began to rally Haseem�?Ts old supporters. Following Haseem Al-Quadamah disappearance after the Battle of Lashiek and the flight of his allies to the North, many of members of the Covenant quickly pledged loyalty and paid tribute to the young Sheikh and his Bretonnian protectors. Following months of repression, secret meetings began to occur in cellars and basements in towns and cities around Araby. Those who were not found out by Pact spies and slaughtered began to organize and the Cult of Haseem was born. They began to silently weave themselves into every part of Arabian society and in the recent months the Cult of Haseem has claimed responsibility for a series of high profile assassinations, kidnappings and the sabotage of high profile Pact and Sheikh targets. Although the leader of the Cult is not currently known, their notoriety among the people is growing as fast as the hatred for the Sheikh and the Pact occupiers. The Cult�?Ts dark symbols and slogans dot the landscape in cities and the countryside, advertising their presence and driving the Pact’s forces to patrol the cities and byways more frequently in search of the Cult.

As Mohammad continued his slow trek home he crested a small hill which allowed him to look to the east to see the West Arabian Mountains bathed in the blood red glow of the setting sun. �?oFitting�?�, thought Mohammad. �?oThe home of the Greenskin�?Ts is bathed in blood. I�?Tm sure they see it as a sign from their gods�?�.�?�

The greenskin Army of the Gods was formed after the two competing Waaagh�?Ts merged to formed a nearly unstoppable green tide that surged to Lashiek in the final days of the war. It was only in the streets Lashiek that the greenskins were finally stopped and they retreated to the West Arabian Mountains, burning and pillaging as they went. Few dare enter the mountains to challenge the Orcs and the greenskins control all of the passes that lead from the rich western coast to the Arabian interior. Contrary to most assumptions after the war the greenskins never mounted a quick attack on the unstable new government and they have been silent in the mountains for almost five years. Whatever the reason for this silence, it has left a dark cloud over Araby as the people keep a watchful eye on the mountains, half expecting to see a green tide surging towards them at any moment. Watchtowers and garrisons have sprung up along the western slopes of the mountains to provide some early warning to the people, armies and cities further to the west.

As darkness settled over the countryside, bobbing lanterns appeared on the road ahead. Leading his donkey cart off to the side of the roadway, Mohammad made room for the trade caravan and stopped for a drink of cool water. Watching the caravan slowly move past, a smile crept crossed Mohammad’s lips as he slowly began walking again. Mohammad knew what would greet these traders when they reached Lashiek�?� closed gates. The Pact had ensured that a monopoly on foreign trade was created by the Shiekh following the victory in Lashiek. This in turn meant that the gates to the city were closed to all traders, expect for those flying the flag of King Lancour of Bretonnia and his Elven allies. Surely the merchants have realized this, or perhaps they would be forced to pay more than half of the value of their goods and wares as an �?oimport and fealty tax.�?�

The rumors that Mohammad had heard in hushed tones from traders in the bazaar within the city had hardly surprised him. Old trading partners from the Empire, Tilea, Marienburg and Kislev are furious with this change in policy. Privateers and navy ships have been mounting ever more daring raid against merchant shipping lanes connecting Araby to the rest of the world and stretching the Brettonian and Arabian navies to the limit. Even more ominous are the growing rumors of an armada of troop transports being staged in key ports around the Old World making preparations to sail.

As Mohammad crested another hill, the full moon shone down, illuminating the small village that he called his home. Mohammad paused, breathing deep and enjoying the smell of the sea air. This village had been his home his entire life, and although his nation has had its honor stripped by foreigners Mohammad knew it was only a matter of time before that honor was restored�?�

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Land loving green skins Thats as much fun as have a male elf washing your hair!!!


Land loving green skins  Thats as much fun as have a male elf washing your hair!!!
I don't know how to respond to that :mask

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If you guys join in the campaign make sure that you join the army of da godz. We all know that that faction will win the campaign.