[Archive] Animosity 4


Hey guys, don’t know if it’s been posted before so here it is:


It is hosted by the orc forum Da Warpath, it is an online campaign set in cathay that is waaaaay better than the GW ones. There are four or five different factions you can choose to join.

I’m recruiting all you chaos dwarfs to come join the faction “The Dark Pact”, which was basically founded by a chaos dwarf sorceror who is half turned to stone who was caught by clan pestilens in lustria while searching for a cure. His warriors succumbed to disease, but the stone was able to repel away every single strain of horrible diseases. Desperate, the sorceror struck a deal with the skaven leader to find him exotic slaves and treasures to try out his diseases on, and in return the sorceror is freed and will be cured of the sorceror’s curse.

I highly recommend everyone to join, even if you don’t play there are still modelling, painting, and writting contests that can earn your faction bonuses.

What is better than having fun and knowing that every single game you play will change the campaign somehow?





You and Swiss Dicatator would make great warlords for our faction.

I don’t know how many of us are signed up yet, but if it’s not too late after we’ve started we may be able to tempt some people to join depending on how cool we all think it is.

I’m a little busy in the next week , but I will be sure to read all the rules before we start.

We have a dedicated sub forum already set up for this.

If anyone wants to be involved and wants the password pm me.

Can everyone who is on the roster in the Animosity sub section please just post something there to let us know you’re still interested.


Well, The campaign itself couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is play your normal games of Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim or Manowar and then report your games on the campaign site each turn.