[Archive] Another 2.4k chaos dwarfs for tournament


Hello again.

I have been toying with the list a bit. Here is what I have come up with.


Chaos dwarf warlord 231pts.

Crown of command. Talisman of preservation & Great weapon.

Greater daemonic construct 50pts.

winged taurus 50pts.

Unnatural resilience 50pts.

Flaming hide 10pts.

Colossal 20pts.

Great Horns 20pts.



Chaos Dwarf Despot 117pts.

Battle standard bearer, Ironcurse icon, Luckstone, Dragonhelm, shield & Hand weapon.

Chaos dwarf sorcerer 140pts.

Lvl2. Dispel scroll.


Chaos dwarf sorcerer 130pts.

lvl2. Channeling Staff.


Core units.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (30) 360pts.

Full command group. Great weapon & Chaos Armour.

Chaos Dwarf Stormcallers (16) 244pts.

Musician & Standard bearer. blunderbuss with Sappara & Chaos armour.

Special units.

Hobgoblin wolf riders (10) 160pts.

Musician & Standard bearer. Hand weapon, shield & Light armour.

Acolytes of hashut (10) 130pts.

Acolytes of hashut (10) 130pts.

Rare units.

Daemonic Engine 265pts.


unnatural resilience

flaming hide

Great Horns

Daemonic Engine 290pts.


unnatural resilience

flaming hide

Diabolic Sentience

Great horns

Total: 2397pts.

I dropped the hellforged artifact from warlord since it was next to useless, and now I hit 4x great weapon attacks and thunderstomp at the same time so I can really go and crush those little weaklings.

then other tweaks here and there to get some points off. Like dropping, hexscroll, some stuff from bsb (he rarely saw combat anyway).

oh and dropped both mortal deathrockets, I found out that 1-2 stonethrower shots are enough, and enemy can get the points from the weak goblin crewed machines too easy.

Then next big change was. I modified my units. Now I have one big fat unit of 30 dwarfs with big weapons, so I can intimidate people. Surpricingly few people want to get stuck with 30 dwarfs with gw and chaos armour, I wonder why :(.

And last my new fantastic idea of Fun. 2x W6, T6, regenerating fireward, S6, thunderstomping, closecombat cannons.

So my plan now is more forward type attack (most of the scenarios require it on the next tourney. Put 3 monsters on front, the big warriors with bsb behind them. Then push everything forward and hope for the best!

oh and acolytes, stormcallers & wizards hangback or follow in close proximity and give metal boost spells while in relative safety.

I hope you like it, Also again any comments are welcome once again (like checking if it’s illegal or stuff again.)