[Archive] Another 2400 point list

Morgrim Bloodbeard:

I have been reading and watching a few battle reports online and it has me thinking about a good hammer unit for CDs without resorting to the Destroyer- so comp friendly. Bull centaurs appear to me to be a little brittle to rely on as a hammer.

With that in mind I thought how about a truly dwarvish answer- stunties with big hammers. Here is the list

Sorcerer Prophet- Level 4, Lore of Hashut, Dispel scroll and Mask of the Furnace (goes in anvil unit)

Bsb- Talisman of protection and sword of might. (also in anvil unit)

Daemon smith- Level 2 Chalice of Blood and Darkness Lore of fire(sits with war machines)

Castellan- Black Hammer of Hashut, Enchanted shield and Talisman of Endurance ( suitably goes in the hammer unit)

Hobgoblin Khan on Giant wolf. (either goes in a Wolfboy unit or redirects etc by himself)

Another Khan on wolf

33 Infernal Guard -full command with Razor standard-Anvil

20 infernal guard- full command and great weapons- Hammer


Magma Cannon

30 hobgoblins with bow and musician

5 Wolf riders

5 wolf riders

So plan is for machine to pound from afar as well as Sorcerers and Hob gob bows.

Wolfs (including the khans) to help with redirects and chaff hunting.