[Archive] Another attempt at Prayers to Hashut


Here is my updated list for feedback.  I am stuck for what to do for #5…?  It has to be power level [3].  I could just leave it at 5 Prayers?

High Priest = 115 pts (Lord)

War Priest = 75 pts (Hero)


3   5   4   4 5 3 3 3 10   High Priest

3   4   4   4 4 2 3 2 9     War Priest

Prayers to Hashut. 

Chaos Dwarf War Priests and High Priests use their faith in Hashut in different ways to Sorcerers.  Though they both originate from the Brotherhood, Priests call upon their divine patron to give them strength rather than rely upon the  manipulation of dark magic.

Once per Chaos Dwarf Magic phase, each War or High Priest may attempt to cast prayers from the Prayers to Hashut list.

A War Priest may cast one prayer per turn at Power Level (3).  A High Priest can either cast two Prayers per turn at Power Level (3) with no repeat prayers, or once at Power Level (5).  Prayers are cast exactly like Bound spells from magic items.  Note that units, characters and war machines cannot have more than one Prayer cast on them each magic phase (friend or foe).  Prayers will not affect a character’s mount.   Priests and High Priests are not considered to be wizards.


#1  Whirlwind of Darkness.

Choose one enemy unit within 24".  This unit must re-roll successful to hits from shooting and close combat (may be cast on a unit in Close Combat).

#2  Armour of Faith.

The Prayer is cast on one friendly unit, character or war machine crew within 18" (including the caster), they may re-roll failed Armour Saves until the next friendly magic phase.  

#3  Hashut’s Fury.

The Prayer is cast on one friendly unit, character or war machine crew within 18" (including the caster), they gain the Hatred special rule against all enemies until the next friendly magic phase.

#4  Eye of Hashut.

The Prayer is cast on one friendly unit, character or war machine crew within 12" (including the caster), encouraged by the knowledge their god is watching them they are immune to Fear and Terror until the next friendly magic phase.

#5  ?  

#6  Nullify. (WIP name)  

The caster has one automatic dispel to be used like a Dispel Scroll.  Note that this Prayer can only be cast once per battle for each War or High Priest.

Thommy H:

The thing about multiple prayers at PL3 or one prayer at PL5 strikes me as a little too complicated. Why not just have High Priest’s prayers be a higher PL? I think that’s how it works for Empire Warrior Priests and Arch Lectors.

I also don’t like Nullify. They’re casting the ability to have a dispel scroll at power level 3? What if that gets dispelled? It’s not unworkable, but it feels kind of clumsy to have a bound spell that creates a magic item… What if it just causes the army to generate more dispel dice in their following turn or something?


I initially had it split 3 for war priest, 3 for high Priest (who could also do the other 3), I could change it to something similar:

Keep #1, #2 and #6 as Level 3 (making 6 generate a dispel dice).  I don’t have a magic item that does only that.  I just realised I’ve got the scroll in common items!

Make #3 and #4 Level 5 and come up with another decent one?

I’m finding it quite hard coming up with suitable prayers for a lord level character that are powerful but not too offensive.  These guys are supposed to be defensive supporting characters.

I had considered a spell to boost the fighting stats of the caster?

Thommy H:

The prayers are fine. I wouldn’t get into worrying about their power level - I’d just split it so that the High Priest casts them at a higher PL.


Ok.  So I will update the dispel prayer and change High Priest to single cast at (5).

Are those Prayers sufficient?  Or should I add another one in for variety?  They are fairly broad in what they cover, but they’re not really that novel are they?

Thommy H:

They don’t need to be - bound spells are rare enough that the ability to have any at all is quite a novelty. Most appearances of the bound spell feature in Warhammer are fairly generic.