[Archive] Another BfSP sorcerer


Well here’s my take on the bfsp sorcerer idea, inspired by the great CD fora on the net.

He’s summoning some sort of daemon/ghost thingie, still have to figure out his fluff. I’ll use him as a death and shadow sorcerer.

And here’s a wip musician, not much too see yet…

Let me know what you guys think.


The Flying Beaver:

I don’t care for the nose, but the rest of him is fantastic. Good stuff Kobarf.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very cool, the scales on the armour turned out great! I am not too fond of the nose, but I think if your miniatures carry the style of your drawings the whole army will have an absolutely unique and cool atmosphere. :hat


Looks awesome, love the mouth/teeth, very intimidating. Can’t wait to see it painted.

Ghrask Dragh:

I like the ‘demon/ghost thingy’ and the tusk pattern on the hat. The face looks really well sculpted and unusual for CD, can’t wait to see it painted!

The Slaver:

Awsome mini! i infact really like the evil looking face and nose and the demon is just great. Damn i wish i could sculpt that well… well, i guess practice makes perfect!


same thing, i told at HoH, it’s totally great!


This is the first mini that gives the chaos dwarf they’re own “feel” - i.e. not chaos or just bad dwarfs." Very Persian in feel - if I was head of games development at GW (give me time) then this is how I would do chaos dwarfs


That face is crazy, not sure what to think. I Might have to see it painted first. Looks great though!


I just love the uniqueness of it…

Traitor King:

Im sorry, i realy dont liek the face.

Its still realyl well scultped but i just dont warm to it.

I do however like the rest of the model.

What did you use to scult them? (the white stuff as oppsed to green stuff?)


The White Stuff - are you made of it? Sorry…


Well you can’t make everyone a happy camper :cheers

Thanks for the comments though, I know the face is quite untraditional but I like it this way.

He’s converted with magic sculpt and no I’m not made of it, it just grows out of the magic beans planted in my garden :wink: