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So im close to assembling the parts for my hobgoblins and i’m looking at the shoulder joints of the stormvermin bodies (they would accomodate an arm with a ball at the end that fits into the body) and the beast man arms that have a flat end to glue to the body.

Initially i thought i would just fill the arm socket on the body with green stuff… but for 80 hobgoblins thats going to be a lot of green stuff to mix and stuff…

So is there any other product that would be a suitable “filler” that is less work and practical to use on GW models?

Thanks in advance

Kera foehunter:

sweetie , that’s just the price you have to pay to have a kick ass army

after buying that many pieces , please don’t  cheep out

Green stuff all the way !! also don’t forget to pin the models

this would be a weak link…

if you buy the green stuff in Kera size 


17.00 and free shipping i see this as a win win


One thing you probably haven’t considered is that greenstuff goes a lot further than it first appears. You’ll probably mix a lot more than you actually need, I do that every time! You can bulk it out with some cheaper stuff, like Fimo, without affecting the hardness significantly enough for such a use. Or buy a different mix like Milliput.


Milliput nuff said.

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Thanks guys, greatly appreciated. All day and night (two jobs) i’ve been thinking do i want to cheap out with the easy way and risk shrinkage (and at my age its not pretty) and cracking with something subpar


after looking at some prices, am i wrong in my conclusion that milliput is cheaper by weight than Green Stuff? Is it as good as Green Stuff?


Milliputs great, its basically the same product, the only difference is that it leaves clay like stuff on your fingers.

If you look through old white dwarfs some times you see people using it in there to fix minis. XD

Though for some reason when I use the ‘fine’ milliput it makes my chest hurt. Dunno why.


I find GS easier to work with but since it’s not going to be an exterior part of the model milliput will be the best option. It can feel a little grainy but once dried it is easier to smooth off any rough stuff. I’d go for milliput for this job. and as others have said you’ll find it goes really far. You might only use a half of it IMO… if that, depending on the size of the holes to fill.


Thanks for the quick replies. I may be forced to use the green stuff i have at home (gw blister) as i am struggling to find a retailer that sells milliput in a 50 km radius