[Archive] Another death rocket attempt


Looking for feedback. How much should this version cost? (the special rules referenced come from my version of the army list - basically,they are slow like other dwarfs and they don’t need to worry about hitting greenskins)

Death rocket (A death rocket has a crew of 2 chaos dwarfs) X points


3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 crew

3 4 4 3 4 1 2 1 9 junior engineer

- - - - 7 - - - - death rocket
Wargear: The crew has hand weapons and heavy armour.

Special rules: slow, purposeful, life is harsh

Pride: the crew are stubborn while manning their machine

Junior engineer: A junior engineer may be added to the crew for X points. He serves as a unit champion. He is equipped with a heavy armor and a brace of pistols. If he isn’t firing his own weapons, he allows the crew to add or substract 1" from the distance of the shot, as long as it wasn’t a misfire.

Death rocket: The death rocket is a self-propelled projectile filled with with a volatile mixture concocted out of the toxic waste of the chaos dwarf’s factories. The procedure to fire is as follows : choose a point in the line of sight and within 48". then roll an artillery dice and move the the point of impact that many inches forward. Place a small template at the point of impact. The models touched by the template take an S3 flaming hit with -3 save modifier. The model that suffers a direct hit takes an S6 hit instead. If the attack causes enough damage for a panic test, it is taken with a -1 modifier.


1 - the contents become unstable and the rocket explodes in mid air. the shot is wasted.

2 - The secondary fuse fails to light properly and the rocket doesn’t explode. Resolve the shot like you would a cannon (rolling two dice and ignoring further misfires - they simply mean the rocket got stuck in the ground) dealin a singleS6 armor piercing hit to any model directly in the way.

3 - The crew notices the missile has a leak and would explode when fired. It takes the entire next turn to carefully dispose of it.

4 - The rocket fuel ignites more rapidly than it should and the missile corcscrews out of control. Scatter it 4d6 from where it was aimed at. The machine takes D6 S3 flaming hits resolved against the crew’s tougness.

5 - the missile bursts with toxic fumes as its being loaded. The whole crew dies. remove the machine.

6 - The rocket goas unstable and explodes before it can be launched, killing the whole crew and setting fire to the gathered ammo. Place the large template over the machine. Any model affected takes a single S5 flaming hit with -3 save modifier and -1 to panic tests (if any). In addition, D3+1 rockets are launched in random directions scattering (ignore the ‘hit’ result) 4D6 from where the launcher used to stand.