[Archive] Another Juggernaut on ebay


I found this Juggernaut some minutes ago at ebay:


Perhaps this is interesting for some of you guys!?!?!



I guess that’s one good thing about a Juggernaut going for a lot on eBay - it motivates other people to sell theirs.

Pity I can’t speak German.

Even bigger pity that the top panels seem to be missing, as well as the Bull Centaur.

I don’t think this will go for as much as the last one did.


What is indeed interesting is that these things always seem to pop up in groups…


It’s probably because when one comes up it goes for a lot, which motivates other people to part with theirs.

Wonder how long it’ll be until somebody recasts one and tries to flog it on eBay for a quick profit?


Nice find Zanko, but glad I’m not looking for one. Everytime someone post them here - it seems to be draw (too) much attention to the auction (if you was hoping for a chance to do a bargain, of course).

Recasts, yes - always an issue with these items- but if it’s done properly you wouldn’t even notice - and who says, that under those layers of paint - there isn’t a recasted Juggernaut , anyway :smiley:

And then it strange, that this Jugger also just comes with supports and a second turret platform - but no turret sides??


@ clam:

Your are right very strange that with the missing turret sides!

When I bought my Juggernaut the sides were part of the deal!



Geuss tonight was the night - if you were looking for at Juggernaut. The spanish Juggernaut went at ‘only’ $160 - thats quite a bargain these days.

Hope winner was somebody here from CDO.