[Archive] Another little diversion...and its green too!

Blue in VT:

:hat off

Howdy All!  I thought I would take this chance to share one of my latest painting endevours.  As a Little break from WWII figuresand my MM90s… I thought I would paint this Troll that I have been toting around for the last 20 years…Its a very cool figure with lots of neat details…some of which I didn’t even notice until I started to paint it.

Here are the pictures:

Sorry about the glare off the front of the base…I’m trying out a new photo set up at home and right now I only have one light…still working on where to position it.




Gorgeous! I’ve always regretted that I never acquired some of the old River/Stone trolls. Most of my collection from this era is 40k stuff.

Also as I write this, I have just noticed the fish hanging from the troll’s belt, which look pretty fantastic - well done!


Stunning work, Blue. Fantastic paintjob. The skintone is awesome - and the fish is such a cool little detail. Love everything about it.

You should have added a beer keg on the base and entered him in the Brush Slave #3 comp :wink:

Blue in VT:

:hat off thanks guys

Khan…I agree…I wish I had a few more of these to paint…I may have to hit up ebay.

Here is a detail of the fish

Certainly a cool detail!  I also like the skull around his neck which I can only presume is supposed to be a Skaven skull (?)




I love these old River Troll models, never bought them though for my old O&G army, tbh no idea why I didn’t

Great painting!


Great stuff Blue,and great photos too!


Wow hats off to you sir, I find that much more impressive than the GW house paintjob.

Blue in VT:

Just messing around with a new photo arrangement…as I was told my old one took up too much space…:~ and used this guy as a test model…like the shots so I thought I’d post them up, I still have two more of these to do but no time!