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Although I’m going to be really busy over the next few months on about 4 big projects (grey knight, ku’gath, slaanesh knights, lord of tzeentch), I found time to put together my first scratch built model  with the sole intention of selling (at troll forge minis).

If this goes as planned, I have lots more models I will make and sell, including my plate armoured bull centaur.  The reason its taken so long for me to get to the point of selling is because I always planned to cast them myself, but I never seem to have the money to get the equipment.  I’ve decided it will be quicker, a lot cheaper and easier for me to just sell via another source.

Anyhow, here is the first of the models I plan to sell.  Also on my to do list are lots of slayers, some decent ironbreakers and hammerers, and of course a few CD models. :wink:

Here is the quick concept sketch I’ve done, I cheated a little as I did an earlier sketch, but this reflects what I’ve done on the model so far. I decided I would split the model into 3 main parts; head, body and arm. I’ve highlighted where the joins will be.

He will be armed with either a flail or a great weapon (mace), I will make both and give people the option.

My clever plan for the weapon is the way it’s joined. I’ve done a staggered cut, so it will be a lot stronger when glued. I will do a mace head (pictured), a flail (one chain, with another mace head on end), possibly also a banner.

It looks really complicated, but it should be relatively easy to sculpt, as long as I spend some time thinking about which order to sculpt things in.

I haven’t designed a head yet.  The bevor (neck armour) and shoulder armour will limit what I can do a bit.

Here are the first pics.  I’ve made a fair bit of progress.  Obviously there is still a load of work to do, but using the concept art you should be able to see how close I am.  I put in a GW head so you can see the idea, also I took a scale shot next to the lord of khorne so you can see what a puny grunt he is!  :D  I used a man sized head.

The feet I will leave a little longer I think, so I can see how wide they need to be.

Next up I will finish off the stomach, doing the last plates, then do the other knee and perhaps the elbow guards.

I will add all the small details once all the armour plate are done.  I’m considering adding some spikes off his gut (not mutations), because he really looks like he should cause impact hits!

I was saying over at warhammer.org that if I could scale this down but capture the same amount of detail he would make a brutal looking chaos dwarf. Just for fun, my concept sketch scaled down to CD size:

the unheard one:

it looks very good at the moment and have to agree that it would make a asome chaos dwarf. i only have one crit he looks about 8 foot tall with shoe size 3:)


I love I may well buy one though have to agree with unhearded one that the feet are a bit small.


Looking good! Cant wait to see the finished product!


Cool! Thou the feet looks a bit small, maybe its just because the rest of the model is so huge? …or Im just used to dwarf feet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

like the figure grims, but if he misses his person he fighting he looks like he would do a face plant


A very nice job on the armour there. I won’t mention the feet, as they’re obviously not done, but I must concur with Kera on the pose - while the drawing looks like he’s taking a good swing at something, the current pose of the model makes him look like he’s about to bodyslam someone, or at least fall over. I’d recommend shifting the legs to fix this (although it might just be the feet and angle of the photos).

Hashut’s Blessing:

I didn’t read the blurb before, but a couple of ideas: to sort out the positioning, shft the left leg so the foot is landing a little further back. It’ll make it look like he’s stepping in with the swing or charging etc. With the weapon, you could always just include a chain and have people glue the other macehead to the chain and glue the chain to the shaft.

Sorry for not replying yesterday, but I didnt have loads of time. As has been said, the feet are too small, was my first reaction, but you’ve said you’e not done them yet.


You know, a chaos lord who uses his whole body as a weapon and just body slams everyone would be quite funny actually!  Hmm… An idea for another model…

Just so I know which leg you are talking about; using the pic from the front of him do you mean the one on the right?  So make the legs further apart to make it look like his is sprinting rather than jogging?  That might work I guess.

It would be just as easy to make another mace head and stick it onto a chain.  This model will be made in resin, so it needs to have stronger joins than if it were to be made in metal.

Ignore the positioning on the base, if I make him with a tab he will look ok.  Also, with the cloak trailing out behing him it will balance out the model visually and in terms of weight, so it won’t topple over.

Hashut’s Blessing:

You are correct. Facing him, the leg on the right, which is his left leg. I forgot about the cloak. Will the cloak maybe be optional? If it’s not, then I don;t think you’ll need to spread the legs so much. I was basing it on “as is” as it were, rather than “as will be when replete with all items” sort of thing.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow that is very impressive GS work! I’d imagine sculpting chaos warriors is a tricky thing - seeing that they have been around for 20-30 years now, it’s probably not easy to come up with new ideas.


I would say it’s the opposite actually.  Chaos is whatever you can imagine, so it’s 100 x easier than trying to imagine a new way to do dwarfs or elves that happens to fit roughly into the GW image for example.


I would say it's the opposite actually.  Chaos is whatever you can imagine, so it's 100 x easier than trying to imagine a new way to do dwarfs or elves that happens to fit roughly into the GW image for example.

True dat. Consider how easy it is to use other companies' models as Chaos without being noticed, as opposed to Dwarfs, Elves etc.

Hell, consider the differences in style between, say, Sigvald and Wulfrik.


Damn, I can’t see the pics. Let me know when this guy is available though Grim, your work is awesome an I’d far rather give you my money than GW