[Archive] Another minotaur worth mentioning


Every miniature sculptor worthy of their name seems to doing a Miniotaur these days.

And Kev White (HasslefreeMiniayures) is no exception.

The sculpt is actually meant as a second Ogre (a Axenarf variant) - but it will come with a bulls head too.

Take a look:

Real impressive work. Don’t recall seeing such well done armour in a very long time. Definitely a must have (for me).

Hashut’s Blessing:

That looks very good! I may have to get one, plus an avatars of war one and combine them with my doombull to have a unit of minotaurs! (Don;t wanna buy the new ones :wink: )


Like the new GW plastics? Totally understandable - lol. Some of the worst sculpts GW has ever done (IMO).


Now those are awesome sculpts.


This is truly a great minotaur. With all these other companies getting the minotaur concept JUST RIGHT. I can’t possibly explain what GW were thinking…


This mini is awesome! The only (very minor) issue I have with it is that he doesn’t look as if he’s in the middle of a battlefield resting on his shield like that.


@ clam: I go along with you concerning to awesomeness of Kev’s Minotaur and the awfulness of the GW one! :wink:

            Kev’s one is also a must for me! :cheers



I really like it as an ogre, but it doesn’t work for me as a minotaur. scraps ogres I was sculpting



now if only the AoW one(s) DIDN’T cost 18£s a piece…

I was thinking of getting alternate heads to the GW plastics. Maybe Kev will sell the heads individually.

I have 3 metal with GWs. 3 xHWs.

A Heresy guy with xHw. A random Minotaur by a guy with the same name as me (wooo! he rocks).

With someone to make decent heads I’d be set. I’m undecided to get the new kit, if I did it would be for the weapons and stuff. I would not be using ANY of those heads.
Also with no Dragon Ogres it seems I have some orphaned DOs and the bitz to make more :frowning: that with decent heads could perhaps become Dragon Minotaurs…

Border Reiver:

THAT is a minotaur - and will the basis for the daemon…


Another great model, i like the idea of 2 different heads for the same model great way to do it :slight_smile:


That’s a really impressive sculpt - I like it both as a minotaur and an ogre, and in both cases it reminds me of the Marauder miniatures sculpts from ages ago.

Kera foehunter:

it a cool figure, but i also like the ogre it has cool armor